Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh hai

So yesterday I was doing homework on my laptop and suddenly looked up at my desktop and saw that ALL of my emails had been deleted from my account in the blink of an eye. ALL OF THEM. All 315. My inbox, outbox, trash, spam...all empty. WHAT IN THE EFFING HELL IS THIS ABOUT?! I tried to contact SBC but apparently you have to have super magical powers to find a frickin phone number for tech support so I used the "email us" thingy and they sent me an email today telling me that it must have something to do with my Outlook mail, which is interesting since I DON'T HAVE THAT. You assholes. I'm not high-falootin' so I don't have any superimportanturgent emails but for chrissakes, I keep them for a reason. Jeff is going to try to get it resolved for me tonight but he's going to happy hour prior so god knows what will come of it.

Aside from that I'm frantically preparing for my interview tomorrow. I can't tell you how much crap I've had to get done and printed and mounted in the last 48 hours, and that was just for my portfolio! I still have to design and print an annual report, the school art newsletter, finish designing a mock billboard for Fairmount Park, edit a brochure, design a business card, tweak a logo design AND make sure my new website works all in the next week. I'm tired.

PS- To Gwen, can you resend me your evite? thx

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Gwen said...

Good luck tomorrow! I just know you'll rock their socks.

The evite is in the mail.

(I just cracked myself up with that one.)