Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fake Day

Okay, so today was my big presentation day for graphic design class. We've been working on this project almost the entire semester and today we had to present it. We were given the choice of a fictitious company to "brand", meaning we would design the logo and identity system, the products and the environmental graphics. Our teacher Tom decided to get all fancy and he made it into a "real world situation" so we went downtown to his office and presented to our fake clients and to a panel of 6 other students not in our class and Evann. I've been making presentations since I started school since all my classes are art based so this is nothing new. However, Tom decided that we needed to know how it felt to have a client hate our stuff so he instructed the panel to be mean to us, "even if it isn't true." Hmm. This has been perplexing me. If we show crap then say it's crap and move on but knocking down a whole campaign that might really be good just for the sake of it seems counterproductive but whatever. No one asked my opinion. I was nervous going in but I did okay despite the fact that Evann went out of her way to challenge my design. I felt like I defended what I did pretty well and quite frankly at this point, I don't really give a crap, I'm just glad I'm done. Most of them went as well as mine except for a few that really got it. Not cool. I felt bad for them. Then I got home and found a letter waiting for me that said they were disputing my graduation application. WHAT?! I ran back up to campus and after a 90 minute ordeal between the advisor's office, the head of admissions and Evann, they got it worked out. Well, Evann got it worked out so even though she's hard on us, she still cares "sniff". Basically there was some clerical error that someone made and they didn't think I had enough credits to graduate. Dumbasses. I had the freaking transcripts in my hand and they clearly showed I met the requirements but someone misread and whatever. Thanks for the extra stress.
I got all my work submitted in the art show and the awards ceremony is next Friday so let's hope for big bucks! Well, not really big bucks but it's still $150 more than I have today so YEAH!


Jeff of Jeff and Amy fame said...

What are you gonna buy me with that $150??
That is the really important question.

LM said...

Yikes. That must've been scary. I'm glad you stomped up there and got it figured out so you didn't have to stress about it any longer than necessary. Glad you did well today!

Gwen said...

@Jeff: She's going to buy you a ticket to The Kids in The Hall if she knows what's good for her.