Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blog Burn

I had this conversation with a friend recently.

me: "Hey, how are you (blank)?

friend: "Oh great, how are you? How's the adoption stuff going?"

me: "Oh it's going. Loads of paperwork and stuff to get done. Hey did you get my email about our blog? We put up any adoption info we get."

friend: "Yeah, I got the email but I haven't looked at it. I mean honestly, who ACTUALLY reads those things? I am way too busy for that."

(end scene)



lotus07 said...


(those that can't write, seldom read)

LM said...

I need to be careful here because I don't know if I am associated with the person mentioned in this story. All I know is, you have to be pretty damn busy to not have time to browse a blog, at least to check it out. I know some people who are crazy busy, including Kimchi blogger herself, but she still has time to read blogs, the paper, insane amounts of hollywood gossip, etc. My point here is that I think that was the person's nice way of saying they're not into it. Doesn't mean they aren't into you and what you're doing- maybe they just aren't into the whole blog thing. And honestly, I can relate, as I am not big into blogs. However, I do enjoy reading this one and Everything I Like Causes Cancer because I know and love you gals and I'm interested in your lives and your experiences. But I don't necessarily want to spend spare time reading about some stranger's house full of kids and their antics, their job they hate, what they had for dinner, etc...I have checked out various blogs, and I think there are a lot of people out there that really don't have much to say and would be better off keeping a journal. The old-school type that you actually write in and no one sees. On the other hand, I know there are good blogs out there as well. Most of which I haven't found yet, but there are two that I check out regularly besides yours and Gwens. One has a politically motivated purpose and agenda. The other is more like most blogs with random stories and thoughts. And although that blog is written by a stranger I'll never meet, the reason I'm turned on by it is her awesome writing ability, her fantastic humor, her interesting life, and she's an unbelievable photographer to boot. My whole point is that some people just aren't into the whole blog thing, so definitely don't take it personally if someone you know doesn't check it out or read regularly. As someone who understands both sides of the fence, I thought I'd add this insight.

amy & jeff said...

rest assured lm, you are not the burner. It was more the presentation than the information that was a little painful.

Gwen said...

There's a fuzzy line between doing this for yourself and doing it for the audience. Sometimes people's uninformed attitudes about blogging piss me off but then I remind myself that I do this mostly for me. I like creating an electronic diary/scrapbook of my experiences and thoughts. But I also LOVE that it's interesting or entertaining enough that people like to read it. It's an interesting balance of motivations.

That said, it's my opinion that a good friend would never dismiss something you are into even if they don't get it. It wasn't a nice way of saying it.