Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

Jeff and I went to my sister's house last night to hand out Halloween candy. We handed out candy in our neighborhood once, but we only got one trick-or-treater and he was about 19 and should have had a job to buy his own candy. The thing is that I love to give out candy. I love the little costumes and the power that a big bowl of fun-size Snickers has over the children. Thus we travel 30 minutes away to the middle of suburbia to spread the Halloween cheer. Most of the kids were really cute and I saw an impressively large number of pirates. Three boys came dressed as "party boys" and they kinda looked like K-Fed crossed with Zac Ephron. How is that a costume? Anyway, two little boys, Batman and his sidekick "wrestler/ninja-guy (I'm still not sure)", thought it would be okay to repeat our house as if we wouldn't remember. Um, it's one per customer AND if you're going to be a sneaky repeat, maybe carry a larger bucket as I had to place the new candy on top of the PREVIOUS one. I let it go in the spirit of giving, but I didn't wish them a happy Halloween and I hope their teefs rot.

When we got home, there was a package on the front steps. It was kinda big and I thought maybe someone had sent me a gift. Wouldn't that be nice to come home and have a random gift waiting for you? Anyway, it wasn't a gift per se, but it was our Adoption Process Guidebook. Bask in its glory and its size:

That's one big book. Sorry for the blur in the first one but the flash kept reflecting off the cover so I turned it off and it all went awry after that. There is an overwhelming amount of information in there and much of it is legal jargon that I don't understand. yikes. It's pretty cool though because it's REALLY HAPPENING NOW!

On another note......

I meant to post this on Monday but I forgot. My mom has a new dog and she brought her by on Saturday to visit her cousins. Her name is Gracie and she's super cute and has enough energy to run a medium-sized city. Here she is:

My dogs, however, prefer to spend as much time barely conscious as possible. They don't quite know what to do with this bundle of energy when she comes over and quite frankly, they don't care to deal with her. Since they can't talk, I'll let their expressions speak for them:

Clearly they're thrilled.

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