Monday, November 5, 2007

Giant Hamster Ball

Good Monday to you. This was the first weekend in ages that I actually felt like I had a weekend. Thank you sweet gods of time for giving us an extra hour. relaxing.

Not really. We did a lot of house stuff this weekend. Jeff went all Mrs. Doubtfire and went on a cleaning spree through the whole house. I'm certainly not complaining because he cleans better than I do and he got rid of all the crap that had accumulated from the renovation. I spent the better part of the weekend making curtains for the living room windows. I still have a frustrated interior designer living inside me. They look pretty rad but I have to make some adjustments because I just eyeball stuff and they're about 8" too long. I wish I were more organized and precise but I'm just not and I've come to accept that everything I make has a certain percentage of wonk in it and I'm totally fine with that. I love those groovy looking George Nelson ball clocks from the 60's but they're like $500 so I decided to make my own. I knew going in that there was just no way that I could get all the spindles evenly spaced so I decided to alternate them. It still didn't matter because some of my holes were off and the dowels all sat in the holes differently and then the hols I drilled in the balls weren't straight either. I decided to keep going and make the best of it so I now have the wonkiest Nelson tribute clock on my wall in the history of tribute clocks.

I took the picture from a more flattering angle but trust, it's totally off. Anyway, I don't know where I was going with this conversation........oh yeah, I'm disorganized.

Tonight is cake class again. Next week is our final class where we make our big fancy cake. I'm excited because I've done pretty well on my flowers. Nevertheless, my mom and I are cheating at this point. Her skills on the pastry bag aren't really, um, that great, so I'm "helping" her with her flowers. I figured I'll make her bake my cakes for next week so it all evens out. The more frustrated I get in school the more I want to open a cake shop and make awesome cakes all day. I could be a graphic designer/cake lady/kids book author. Hey, I could illustrate a children's book through the magic of CAKE DECORATION! That would rule.


LM said...

The clock looks cool from the photo. Is it really a clock though, or just supposed to look like one of those old school clocks? How the hell did you do the clock part? I would think that would've been the hard part. Can you just buy that part all intact and stick it on there? Maybe you could be a Clockmaker! And why isn't there a more interesting name for One Who Makes Clocks? We don't call those who make hats Hatmakers! Anyway, it looks good from what I can see and who really cares if it tells time.

amy & jeff said...

it really is a clock!

Gwen said...

Cool clock!

Hat makers are called hatters so maybe Amy is a clocker.