Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thank you whoever invented elastic's Sunday. I don't normally post on Sunday but it's been a long weekend so consider yourself lucky. Thanksgiving was a success and no one ended up with food poisoning so that's always good. Our holiday group has dwindled down to just 8 of us, which is weird because when I was a kid there would be tons of relatives coming out of the woodwork but now it's just us. My dad went down to Georgia (along with the devil, apparently) to visit my stepmom's family and Jeff went to his brother's house, so they didn't get to bask in the glory of my turkey. Actually it was a turkey breast and it wasn't even my recipe and there was no glory but just go with it. Aside from the small group, it was a pretty normal Thanksgiving. I ate WAYYYY too much and then I ate even more so then I had to put on sweatpants which is never a good sign because after the sweatpants feel tight, where do you go? Nude? I don't think the guests would have liked to have seen that. No one needs to see that, really.

After stuffing myself and passing out cold, I was jarred awake by my sister at 4:20 am who had decided that we would all go shopping on Black Friday. She and Jeff decided that they wanted to buy Nintendo Wii's. They couldn't have done this in say, June or something, when there were plenty to be had. No, they decided they needed one the day after Thanksgiving and you know what? A MILLION OTHER PEOPLE WANTED THEM TOO. AT 4AM. GLORIOUS! We went out in the freezing cold with really bad hair to stand in line at American Electronics or whatever to have them tell us, after standing in yet another line WITHIN THE STORE (WTF?) that they only got like 3 Wii's and clearly we were too late. Fantastic. We left and opted to go to a game store a few strip malls down to see if we would fare better there. There was a small line but nothing crazy so we decided to give it a go. We stood there for an hour or so, only to be told that they had 20 Wii's and we were the 22nd person in line. Are you serious game store worker? Really? Yes, I am totally serious. I felt bad for us but I felt worse for the lady in front of us who was number 21. Suck. The best part was when the line for Target, which is at the complete opposite end of the plaza, surpassed our own line. I think they must have been giving away artificial hearts or something because it's freaking Target and while Target is pretty awesome, it's still just TARGET. I was pretty bored at this point and Jeff was freezing so we left defeated. We got home at 6:30 and I promptly passed out on the couch while my sister got online and overpaid for a Wii on ebay. She just HAD to have it because it was now a MISSION. We all pretty much stayed horizontal for the rest of the day and found some really bad TV to watch and ate leftovers. Isn't it weird how when you lay around all day, you end up being MORE tired than if you had gotten up and done stuff? Bizarre.

Anyway, that was our big excitement for the weekend but I'm most excited that it's officially Christmas time, which is my FAVORITE time of the year and now I can listen to awful cheesy Christmas music until my ears fall off and eat bad things like sausage cheese dip and drink lots of bloody mary's with only a small amount of guilt. It's a good time for me.

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Gwen said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the season! You are truly brave people to have gone in search of a Wii.