Monday, November 19, 2007

It makes nice flooring, though

We made a decent amount of progress on the remaining bits left to do in the kitchen this weekend. I got most of the backsplash tiled and as soon as the bar top goes in, I can finish wrapping the tiles around the whole countertop. I think that once that is done and we tile the bar top, WE ARE DONE! So let's see, I think back in February I had proclaimed that the house would be done by early summer and it's now almost December and we are still short of being done. I think I was a little off. I think I was still naive back then and didn't realize that every project takes about 3 times longer than you think it will. Dumb. Here's the kitchen as of today:
The glass tile turned out really nice. I was resistant at first because I was afraid it would be too much but now that it's in, I'm happy with it. And it's sparkly so that's a bonus.
Jeff spent most of the day Saturday "taking the yard back" as he put it. We have a weirdo neighbor who thought it would be a great idea to plant bamboo all over his yard but he didn't bother to actually research the bamboo he was planting and it is the kind that spreads like a plague. That means that over the last few summers, we have had our yard totally invaded by HIS bamboo and it has made quite a mess. Most of the grass is dead as well as our entire herb garden. The stalks come up wherever they please, like the MIDDLE OF MY YARD, and running them over with the mower doesn't help and when they are still little, you are constantly tripping over them. It had gotten so thick this year that we had lost half the yard and you can't walk through it, so it wins. Damn you BAMBOO! I was always expecting the vietcong to poke through at any moment. Anyway, Jeff popped a cap in it and ripped everything out. It looks so much better despite the fact that we have giant patches of dirt where the grass used to be. We should have thrown all the crap Jeff dug out over the fence so he could have it back but we are nice.
Tonight is my first fondant class and I'm really excited. I've been sketching out a bunch of cake ideas so I hope it doesn't go badly and my dreams are squashed forever. I also hope the class isn't as irritating as last time. That's a lot to hope for.


jan the mom said...

Hey Amy and Jeff,

Your kitchen looks beautiful as well as the rest of the house. I know you have worked V E R Y hard this year but it turned out great and you should be very proud because I certainly am.

I am bringing my cake to Thanksgiving so I guess it will be Laura's birthday cake. One thing Cindy forgot to show us was writing on the cake.

Oh well I am going to observe the fondant class and see how it goes.

Gwen said...

Kitchen looks awesome, Amy! I can't wait to see it in person!

Bamboo is the worst - and it really doesn't matter what kind you get. It's ALL invasive.