Thursday, November 8, 2007

at least I got sweet parking

As I have mentioned in the past, I am a disorganized individual. I actually manage to get quite a bit done in a day, but my attention span is short and I am easily distracted so I go in circles alot AND I have a terrible memory so it's really a wonder of science that I can even operate a pair of pants. Anyway, this leads to my morning. Jeff gets up earlier than I do and I usually just sleep right through it but today I was up with him and I was being slowly pushed out of my side of the bed by two ninja shih-tzu's, so I decided to just get up and get on with it. I had roughly 45 extra minutes on top of the hour I normally have and yet at 8:45, when I needed to be in my car, I was still trying to decide between the black shirt or the green shirt. What the hell is my problem? Needless to say, I pulled in to the parking lot right when my class was supposed to start. I was quickly distracted by the fact that the parking lot was almost empty. I started panicking and was all "is today a holiday and I don't know it?" so I pulled into a spot to gather myself but then I remembered that I am a dumbass and today is Thursday which means that my class starts at 9:30, not 9. I have been in school now for 12 weeks and I still can't keep this straight. I thought about going back home but for what, so I decided to get some administrative crap done for my schedule next semester. For some ungodly reason, I had to go through advising to get my schedule finalized before they will give me my loan money which is RIDICULOUS because advising is a cesspool of mismanagement. They give wrong information and tell you to take classes that you can't use. Anyway, the secretary or whatever she does told me I had to fill out some giant form so I did and then she directed me to room J to talk to the advisor. I went to room J and no one was in it. There was an office across from it and I could hear 2 ladies having a loud conversation about stuffing so I positioned myself so they could see me out the door. After about a second, this lady barges out of that office, past me and into room J. I started to go in after her and this transpired:

room J lady: " Did they send you here? What room did they tell you? Room J? 'Cause THIS is room J and they didn't tell me they were sending you back? WHO TOLD YOU TO COME HERE?"

me: "The lady out there told me to come to room J"

room J lady: "What lady? Out front, that lady? DAMN, I'm gonna go out there and TELL them that they need to NOTIFY me when they send someone back. This is registration time and I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS"

me: (silence because I fear for my life)

room J lady: "How can someone have the SAME job for this long and NOT KNOW HOW TO DO IT? I don't understand. I tell her to NOTIFY ME when she sends someone. RETAIN SOMETHING FOR GOD'S SAKE!"

me: " do you want me to leave?"

room J lady (looking puzzled): "What? Why? Oh no, this isn't about you. You know what I mean? YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

No, room J lady, I do not know what you mean. I was frightened of this woman. Then she wanted my class printout and when I asked her where I would get that from, she was like "WHAT?!!!! They give it to you BEFORE they send you here. DAMN." At this point I was going to make a break for it before she morphed into a chupacabra and ate my head but then she just started laughing and saying "you know" over and over so I figured the threat had passed.


Gwen said...

God, Amy! It wasn't about YOU.

You know?

lotus07 said...

Now that is what I call customer service.