Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Thar she blows! I finally finished the cake. The cake plate is messy and I should have run it through photoshop and cleaned it up but I'm lazy so just avert your eyes. Here's another one:
I have to say that I'm pretty proud of how it turned out even though it's a bit crooked but what else is new. We really only get one chance in class to practice any one technique and it's up to the student to practice at home, which I didn't really get to do. My mom's cake turned out nice despite my teasing and her cake was the only one in class that actually looked similar to the cake on our workbook. She worked really hard on it and I wish I had a picture to post but trust me that it was really pretty. I think that only a few other people actually finished their cakes out. Class was nice and relaxed because the obnoxious few didn't come and the ladies that were there turned out to be nice, which is good because I think almost the whole class will be in our fondant class next week. There is one woman who makes it VERY CLEAR that she wants to do this for a living and acts all smug about it and she's the only one left that irritates me. I know it shouldn't, but it does because every time our instructor talks about a technique or a product, she ALWAYS has to chime in about how she's already tried it or that she already used it on a cake or blah, blah, blah. Just shut up already. WE KNOW. Her cake was nice but it didn't blow my skirt up SO THERE lady! Oh well, she'll probably become some world famous cake decorator while I'm ringing up copies at Kinko's.
UPDATE: Yes, that is me holding the cake and I am indeed wearing pumpkin pie pants.


LM said...

That is gorgeous! I'd say it's too pretty to eat, but it IS a cake so I can't bring myself to say that. Is that you holding the cake in the first photo? I ask because whomever it is has pumpkin pie pieces on their pants.

jan the mom said...

Well Miss Amy I brought my cake to work and everyone liked it except I told them they couldn't eat it because I am putting it in the freezer. Not sure why and I bet it is good. I love the smell when I open up the box.

I think we did good and I don't know if I can ever do it again but it was fun. Now on to bigger and better. Thanks for your help with the leaves.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I work with your MOM and you are right. Her cake was really nice. She worked really hard on it and it shows. I think your cake came out really nice also. Your Mom linked me to your blog so I could see your cake. She is very proud of your accomplishment.

I am not real tech savvy, so I am not sure about responding. Just ask your Mom who TU is

lotus07 said...

Makes me hungry just looking at it.