Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

I had cake class last night. The women have calmed down a bit with their banter but now we have a guy that is more annoying than all of the ladies combined. He already works in a bakery and said he took the class just to learn the rose. Trust me, the rose is HARD. I guess he feels such a sense of superiority over us non-bakers that he constantly makes loud comments and sits there with his GIANT tub of icing from work and makes roses over and over. He also has a wonky eye so I don't know where to look when he talks to me. Class went well on the whole and I'm prepared to make our super finale cake next week. It's some kind of flower basket in cake form. As usual, my mom struggled with her flowers. She got out a few good ones but by the time she got it down we had moved on to something else. Bless her heart. At one point she was making some flower and it had gone so awry that I could do nothing but sit there and laugh uncontrollably but I didn't want to make a lot of noise and that made it worse so then I had tears streaming down my face. Like I said before, she's good at the baking and I'm good at the decorating. It's a perfect partnership. The best part was in the parking lot after class because we already look like sherpa's with all the crap we have to lug and we had our flowers in these flower former things and a gust of wind came and blew half of them off. My mom was so distraught to lose her 3 flowers that she was going to pick them up off the asphalt. I had to bat her hand away with my foot because she was going for it even though it landed ICING SIDE DOWN. That almost made me pee my pants.

I'll post a picture of my cake next week. Unless it looks like crap in which case we'll forget this ever happened.


lotus07 said...

Shades of a pie fight between you and your mother are looming on the horizon.

jan - the mom said...

I dropped another one of my daisies last night in the garage and it was history. They are like rocks so I don't think anyone will want to eat them from my cake. I was trying to keep Gracie from getting it since she came out to greet me.

I am glad you got the artistic genes from me. Ha. At least it is not only the bunions.