Thursday, October 25, 2007

Know when to say when

Well, I have decided to bow out of the children's book project. Not that I even had the job in the first place, but I realized that if I did get it, I wouldn't be able to do it anyway between school, homework, house stuff and baby stuff. I'm disappointed in myself for backing out and I'm sure those involved are thrilled that I backed out the day before, but I'd rather do it now than later. I shouldn't even be assuming I would have gotten the job but on the super remote 1% chance I had, I would have been screwed. I told my illustration teacher today and his response was "that's a wise decision". I think he sensed trouble with this project from the start and didn't think that I would be ruining my chances of a career in the business by saying no. He said part of being a good designer is knowing your limitations and until I'm done with school, this kind of project is probably an unrealistic goal. That being said, it has made me more intent in pursuing this kind of thing in the future because I really think it's a good fit for me and a good outlet for my graphic design skills. I took a creative writing class a few semesters ago with the intent that I would write my own books to illustrate so that's my new plan. That way I can work on it at random times and have more opportunity to research layouts and stuff without someone hovering over me with a giant neon sign flashing "DO IT RIGHT NOW". I get that all day long, thank you very much.

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