Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I know this blog is technically about our adoption journey, but that info is sporadic so here's something off topic. As many of you know, and by you, I mean Jeff since you're the only one reading this, I tend to be not so classy. Case in point. I am involved with a p.r. group at school and we have a real live client that we have to meet with on occasion. I also have a fairly new nose piercing that I love very much. However, my piercing and my allergies are not making friends and are trying to oust the other. During the meeting with said client today, I noticed she kept touching her nose and sort of making a wiping gesture every time she addressed me. After a while, I became paranoid that I had a hanger-on or something and she was giving me the universal signal. After the meeting, I went to the bathroom and saw what she saw. The back half of my jewelry had slid down from all the wiping and blowing I was doing (thanks, allergies) and was dangling out of my nostril like a silver booger. Marvelous. I tried to shove it back up but it kept flinging itself back down so I shoved HARD and now I think it's in my brain. I'm sure she went back to work and told her co-workers about the girl with the huge dangler. Very professional.

Oh, I do have adoption related news. We are 98% done with our application and it should be in the mail soon. yay! We are also going to an adoption fair that our agency is holding this Friday night where we will get to see our social worker again. Her name is Judy and she seems very nice and I hope she doesn't think we're heathens.

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Guenosdias! said...

Very exciting news, you two. Also exciting that we can follow your journey here in the Internets. Consider yourself added to my list of friends who receive as much good karma as my soul is able to thrust their way.

And the silver booger? Classic.