Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I need a Sven

I've been lapse in posting because I really haven't had much to say and I don't like to bore you with the banality that is my daily life but screw that! If you're still coming here, then I'm still writing.

Today, my faulty memory has struck again. I swear. I can't remember ANYTHING. I carry a sketchbook around because when I get an idea or something, if I don't write it down immediately, then poof, it's gone. Anyway, I had gone to class and decided to swing by the grocery store on the way home and while I was perusing the canned tuna I felt my phone vibrating. I grabbed it and it said 2 missed calls so I looked and it was my friend Liz. I called her back and she was like "Um hi, did you remember that we were coming by today? I'm sitting in front of your house." HOLY CRAP! Obviously, I had completely forgotten that she was coming by so I threw my stuff down the conveyor belt, checked out and sped home. She thought it was hilarious because this is something that either one of us would be prone to doing. I got home and then realized, as I'm welcoming her and her daughter in, that the house was mysteriously cold. Like really cold. Like "hey Liz, you might want to keep your coat on" cold. I checked the thermostat and the little thingy was buried below the 60 degree mark so I called Jeff and he had to come home to "fix" it. I have no idea what he did and neither does he but he just started jiggling things and unplugging some wires and replugging them and somehow it kicked back on. We had our furnace go out one night a few years ago and we had to sleep in our winter coats, hats and gloves. It was like camping but we were in our own freaking bed. We thought it would be a BRILLIANT idea to turn the oven on and try to warm up the house but Jeff didn't check it first and I had stored a big pyrex baking pan in it and when I told him, he grabbed it out and went and threw it in the snow where it promptly shattered in a million little blue pieces. To this day neither of us know why he threw it in the snow but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Thankfully it didn't get to that today because it's supposed to get COLDER in the next few days and we would've been screwed.

We sat and looked through some cake books today and Liz helped energize me to want to make another cake. Her other daughter's birthday is in March so I think I'm going to make her a fancy cake. It should be fun to do because Liz is fun and she'll want something crazy.

Happy Wednesday

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