Friday, January 4, 2008

Britney's Breakdown Update Number Deuce

Okay, I have no life today so I'm all over this Britney thing. Granted all my info comes from other gossip blogs so who knows what the hell is true but PICTURES DON'T LIE! I saw a picture of her on the gurney strapped down with RESTRAINTS so obviously the reports of her hysteria were probably true. I guess this is what one calls a "nervous breakdown". LM, I'll wait for your professional assessment on that one. I wonder if she was threatening to hurt her kids since it seemed to take MANY cops, paramedics, lawyers, K-Fed and probably the pizza delivery guy to get her out of the bathroom. They should have lured her with a frappuccino. That would have done the trick. I KEED, of course she is "troubled" and she needs help so I hope this episode gets her where she needs to be but I am highly suspect. Britney seems to only do what Britney wants so reason isn't an option. If they medicate her, who's to say she'll take it. I doubt she's gone this long without some sort of prozac or something and we see how well that's worked for her but I guess if she's jacked up on meth or something she won't take her regular meds . Call me crazy but I still have a hard time believing she is the drug addict they say she is but at this point nothing will surprise me.

UPDATE: Thanks LM for your insight. How 'bouts I make you a cake for payment, mmkay?


LM said...

A "nervous breakdown" is old school talk that can mean a few different things. I think when most pp use that term, they are referring to someone w/a major depressive episode, where a person becomes so depressed they essentially quit functioning. They might be suicidal or have ideations and/or need hospitalization. Other times the person might've actually had a psychotic episode, which can be brought on by severe depression, drug use/withdrawl, or any stressful life event. I still stick with my Bipolar diagnosis. It makes sense of a lot of her behavior. I also think she could have a personality disorder on top of that, which further complicates things big time. As far as your comment about Prozac not working....If someone is misdiagnosed as depressed but is really bipolar, certain antidepressants can cause a bipolar person to have worse mood cycling and intense mania. Mind you things really got worse after she had Jayden, and at that time there was talk that she had postpartum depression. If they did put her on Prozac at that time, and she was actually bipolar and not depressed, this could explain the quick downward spiral from that point on. If you think about it, her behavior got crazier and crazier after this time. As far as the personality disorder goes, my guess would be Borderline Personality Disorder, but Narcissistic P.D. did cross my mind. However, my guess would be that her narcissism and grandiosity are not due to N.P.D., but rather to her Bipolar mania. I'll send Kimchi H.Q. my bill for this assessment if that's ok.

LM said...

Oh, by the way, this line was absolutely hilarious!

"...and probably the pizza delivery guy to get her out of the bathroom".