Friday, January 25, 2008

Mentos....the freshmaker! Oh wait, I mean mentor.

Oh bloggery, bloggery, blog. I haven't had much to blog about lately so I've been absent. Sorry. We went and got our official adoption physicals yesterday. Yay, kinda. I got a TB test and as a child I don't recall them digging around your forearm, with a needle but that's the way they do it now. It hurts. Then I had to get blood drawn and I have bad veins and I tried to explain this to the lady and I was like "you probably want to use my right arm because my left arm veins are bad." She got all huffy about and was like "I KNOW HOW TO DO IT. I CAN GET THE VEIN!", which is kinda ridiculous because I was trying to help her out, but she went in the left one anyway and after 2 painful minutes of her digging around trying to get a vein she goes "This arm's bad." No shit, huh? I guess I should have TOLD YOU THAT. Now I have two bruises.

I know that earlier I PROMISED I would have the paperwork out the door today but I lied. We have to wait for our blood test results to come back, which should be next week, and THEN it's going out. Totally. It didn't dawn on me that we would have to wait. Duh. I thought about sending in some of it but then that's silly because they need it all anyway so why do it in pieces but who knows, I might get a bug up my butt and just get the stuff I have ready in the mail. I am a mystery.

I did have a cool thing happen yesterday at school. If you recall from some of my earlier posts, I was in a campus PR group last semester. I resisted going back because I didn't need the credits and I wanted to leave some free time to do cakes, but I found out yesterday that I can take the class as a mentor AND I get paid AND I get the use of my own personal Macbook Pro. The laptop and the $8.95/hr to "mentor" students that are only a semester behind me was just too good to pass up. What the hell am I supposed to mentor them about? Who knows. This'll be a good trial run for me since I'll need to buy a laptop soon and I'm torn between spending way too much on a Mac that looks really cool but doesn't have as much on it or a Dell that still looks kinda cool but not AS cool but has way more memory and all that other crap. I hear stuck-up designers say "oh, I only buy Mac's because I just love good design", which sorta makes you feel like if you are also a designer and you opt for something more practical, like a Dell, that you are somehow a suckier designer and clearly have no knowledge or concept of what's cool and hip. I stopped being cool and hip a few years ago and now I chase kids off my lawn with my cane. It's going to be like an experiment. SCIENCE!

Have a sooper dooper weekend. I'm going to high tea on Sunday for a baby shower and I'm going to wear my lady clothes. And gloves. And maybe a jaunty hat. Okay, maybe not the hat but totally still the gloves.



jan the mom said...

I remember how I used to dress you up in your little hats and gloves but before we were out the door you would have them off along with a shoe or two. Then when you were in your prissy stage you kept them on hoping someone would take your picture and of course we did and what a cutie. Of course you still are!

amy & jeff said...

you are gay

LM said...

I agree with Jan. You're a cutie.

Jeff of Jeff and Amy said...

For the record, Jan is queer not gay!

amy & jeff said...

For the record, Jan is NOT really gay. She is also unable to take a joke.

Jan the mom said...

Am too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for agreeing LM.