Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mah Car Broked Down!

Oh Britney, why can't I quit you? I awoke this morning to icky rain and our little princess Spears and her ways of the crazy. I guess that last night she was driving aimlessly around LA, got a flat on Sunset Blvd., drove on the flat for a bit before abandoning her Mercedes in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET to hop in one of the paparazzi's Toyota Camry. She had him drive her and her "assistant" to her house where she asked him to come in and take care of her and then she was seen leaving her house driving HIS car and heading to the Four Seasons. I guess the fuzz impounded her car since she just left it wherever. Sure, no problem. I usually just leave my car wherever I feel like it.

So, let's see what we've got here:

mental breakdown - check
defiantly refuses medical help - check
goes on romantic getaway with slimy pap - check
returns to LA to continue driving around for attention - check
tries desperately to get her children back - oh no sorry, no check
courts paps and brings them home with her - check

Well done Brit! I wonder how much longer this is going to go on for? I am beginning to think that maybe she isn't bi-polar but just has a major case of "spoiled-brat-look-at-me syndrome". I'm no doctor so that is purely speculation. I hate to devote any precious blog space to this girl but it's quite fascinating, really.


LM said...

Nice update. Geez, can't the girl get through the day without doing something stupid? I don't think her mental health issues are her only problems - having shit for brains doesn't help either. She's just not very smart.

amy & jeff said...