Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It just makes me want to SCREAM

Um, I need to climb up on my soapbox for one teeny little sec so bear with me. I was browsing the internets today and found out that Fred Phelps has decided to involve himself with the funeral of Heath Ledger. In case you aren't familiar, Fred Phelps runs some redneck backward church (I won't even give him the benefit of naming it) in Topeka that, from what I understand, consists of about 6 clearly misguided fools, all or most of whom are related to him. Well, Fred and his minions are the same asshats that picket funerals of slain soldiers because we allow gay people in the military. Yeah, it's that guy. It's the guy who will shout horrendous things at the funeral of someone who, regardless of their lifestyle, put their life on the line to keep his ass safe. Well, Fred is going to Australia to picket Heath's funeral because of his role in "Brokeback Mountain". I will spare you the majority of what he said but it boiled down to "God hates fags" and "Heath Ledger is in hell now for being a fag-lover". I really cannot verbalize how much hatred I have for this man. Seriously, I am shaking with anger just typing this. I am certainly not the most religious girl on the block but I would have to think that the majority of those who are believers don't agree with this piece of shit. I really hope anyway. I am happy and privileged to live in a country where we are free to practice whatever beliefs we hold, but I just can not wrap my brain around how someone can be filled with such hateful bile as to do such things. I seriously doubt that if Jesus came here right now he'd be all "Oh Fred, you're so awesome. Welcome to heaven!" The Jesus I know would look at him and shake his head in sadness that someone this evil uses HIS name to spread his toxic breed of hate. Isn't it all supposed to be about kindness, and charity and love thy neighbor and all that stuff? It seems now that it's more about hating those who are different, which seems very hypocritical of me since I clearly hate this man BUT, in my defense, I don't hate him for what he believes in. I hate him for taking those beliefs and using them and God as justification to harm, harass and verbally accost other people. Can you imagine how it would feel to be at the funeral of a loved one and have this man shouting through a megaphone that they're going to hell? There are some sick f-er's in this world using God in the worst way possible and Fred Phelps leads the charge. I'll take Tom Cruise and his freaky Scientologists over this nutbag any day. They seem easier to distract. I just hope that when they get there, the people of Australia show him that they don't take this kind of crap sitting down and shut him up.

Okay. *steps off soapbox* I'm done. Thank you for your time.

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