Monday, January 21, 2008

Maybe I'll just get one little thing, like a crib!

I wanted to throw out a little adoption update for those of you following along. We are scheduled to get fingerprinted and medically poked and prodded this week, so our paperwork will shortly be on its way to Kansas City. We are hoping that everything will go smoothly and we will have our first home study visit around the end of Feb/early March. It was really exciting for me on Saturday because I had something to say when people were like "So, what's new with you?" and I was like "oh, Jeff and I are adopting a baby from Korea." That's a pretty good conversation starter. The fact that we both talked about it quite a bit (ed. note - sorry if we are overly-talky with baby stuff, but we're excited) carried over to Sunday where I found myself browsing nursery furniture online. I also started a baby-name list. We have a name that we both like but I'm not ready to say FOR SURE what it is and I kinda want to meet him first before I thrust a name on him, so I made a list last night and Jeff's response to 99% of them went something along the lines of "NO WAY!", or "He isn't French", or "Is that even a name?" or "Do you WANT him to get beat up at school?" You see that this is a difficult process. I am leery of coming forth to everyone with the names because everyone has an opinion (usually bad) or else it's a name someone else wanted and then they get all pissed off (see "Sex and the City" episode when Charlotte learns her friend took "her" name; it isn't pretty). So, that makes it even harder and my affection for weirdo names makes everyone very nervous as it is.
Anyway, I got a little anxious that we need to get furniture and names and doctors and EVERYTHING and then Jeff was like "um yeah, we have like 10 more months AT LEAST to wait. Simmer down." BOO! You see, the suckiest part of this is that you have to WAIT FOREVER. It takes about the same amount of time to adopt a baby as it does to gestate an elephant*, which isn't fun and I am not a patient woman. I attempt patience but I usually fail and end up getting all antsy and gripey. BUT, we are making forward progress so that's about all I can ask for now and I'm sure that things will start to happen and then I'll be like WAIT, I'M NOT READY!!!! so there really is no pleasing me.

* this has no basis in fact. I didn't even bother to google it but it sounds like it could be true, right? I mean, elephants are BIG and it probably takes a while to get it all ready to come out so it's probably at least CLOSE to being true. Yeah, probably not.

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