Monday, January 21, 2008

I have a dream....that I'll be off school.

First off, I would like to thank Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for giving me an unexpected day off school. I had no idea until I was leaving campus on Friday that I didn't have school today. I should try to pay attention. God bless you, sir.

We had a pretty busy weekend. Jeff worked pretty much the ENTIRE weekend, which sucked extra hard since he was gone all last weekend and has had zero down time. Saturday night was my friend T-Rav's 30th birthday and we had a funktastic time. We went to this mexican place in Illinois (or Illi-NOIZE, as we like to call it here) for dinner and then to a bar near home afterward. Since it's well documented that I suck at documenting anything, you can go to my friend Gwen's blog at if you want to see pictures. She had her camera and I trust she will probably post some of the pictures.
I bought T-Rav this book:

It has these fantastic pictures of Liberace in various outfits and he tells you how to incorporate say, a gold lame suit or your personal monkey into your daily life. Liberace is very wise and can clearly rock both a spangly western look AND conservative argyle. You go, Liberace.

I also got a request to do a birthday cake for my friend RS and I'm excited to get to design a cake for someone other than me or Jeff. I'm also doing a birthday cake for Liz's daughter and both cakes are for March birthdays so I'll be busy! Jeff has decided that he also wants a fancy birthday cake for his April birthday. AND I'm possibly doing a baby shower cake for my neighbor. Of course, all of this paralyzes me with fear but I'm trying to get past that. I'm going to be testing out a few new cake recipes so if anyone is interested in being my taste-tester, please let me know. I've eaten cake off the floor so I'm probably a bad judge.

UPDATE: A few things I forgot to mention:

-to Gwen, I'm SO SORRY we left without saying goodbye to you Saturday. It was crowded and we kept getting held up and when we left I realized I didn't say bye. Not cool.

-to Melissa, I ALSO negliected to stop and show your husband my nose piercing. Again, we kept getting held up and I was distracted. That is not unusual. I still think you should ABSOLUTELY get your nose pierced because it will look darling on you.


LM said...

My schedule happens to be totally open for cake-testing.

amy & jeff said...
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amy & jeff said...

duly noted

Anonymous said...

Hello! We are the authors of "Liberace, Your Personal Fashion Consultant". We personally invite you to check out the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas next time you are in town. By the way, you mentioned cake- have you seen "Joy of Liberace, Retro Recipes From America's Kitschiest Kitchen"? We wrote that, too- has some great cakes in it! A portion of the proceeds goes to the Liberace Foundation, providing scholarship assistance to students in the visual and performing arts... Warmly, Michael & Karan

amy & jeff said...

Thank you Michael and Karen! That is SO AWESOME that you commented and I'm totally gonna get that cookbook!