Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I don't look good in prints

Yee haw! Jeff and I got fingerprinted tonight! I know that's not normally an exciting event since it's usually paired with a mugshot and smeared eyeliner, but ours was fun. Well, not really fun but it is a big step in our process. Fun would be me sitting here eating an entire can of Pringles and not caring. That's fun. I'm just saying. Anyway, we were kind of disappointed because we both thought we would leave with inky fingers but it's all digital now and you just put your finger on this little thing that looks like a miniature xerox machine and your prints come up on a laptop. They download them, give you a little receipt, send them off for processing and bam, Bob's your uncle. We were initially told that it would take 3 weeks but this guy said they would have the results in one week so we are putting it in high gear. Jeff has been diligently finishing up his end of the paperwork tonight so we should have it mailed by Friday. I've said that every week for a few weeks now but this time, I mean it. No really, I totally am going to have it in the mail by Friday. Now that I've said it TWICE in a row, it's totally gonna happen. Really.

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jan the mom said...

Hurry Sonny - I can't wait to be a gramma. I wonder what name I should be?