Friday, January 18, 2008

Now I gotta cut loose, FOOTLOOSE!

Well, Jeff and his magic can of air has somehow managed to get the furnace running yet again. It went out AGAIN yesterday at about 2 and by the time he got home at 5:30, it was super cold in here. Of course this happens now when there is a massive cold front swooshing in and not 2 weeks ago when it was 65 and sunny. MAN IS IT COLD! Gear up ladies, this is the kind of cold that can break your nipple right off. I am hoping that whatever kind of black magic Jeff is performing in the basement to keep this thing chugging along continues because I'm tired of having a runny nose 24/7. It isn't very ladylike. Not that I should be concerned of that since hardly anything I do is ladylike, but still.

I think I hit a new record at school today. My 3hr20 minutes class lasted 8 MINUTES today. We were informed that the college is keeping enrollment open until next week so they requested that the instructors not give out massive projects yet. Thanks school, but I'm kinda itchin' to do SOMETHING so get it together. I did get my first graphic design project yesterday and it's designing a theater poster. We got a list of show options but I went off the board and requested "Cabaret", which is my favorite production. I'm still working out some ideas but I think this'll be a good one. Or a giant pile of crap, but we'll see how that goes.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow because we're going out for my friend T-Rav's 30th birthday. I'm usually the baby of the group since most of my friends are 5+ yrs. older than me so bless her sweet little heart for being younger. We shall dine on mexican food (sorry, weight watchers) and dance to some funk and a good time will be had by all and HENCEFORTH SO IT SHALL BE.

Have an awesome weekend and try to keep your nipples on.

*the title has NOTHING to do with my post but I'm listening to the 80's on 8 and it just came on so I thought I'd share.

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Gwen said...

So glad to hear the furnace is working again so I can stop worrying.

See you tomorrow at the berfday party!