Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I hope they have lots of Purell in that house

I'm a day late with my "Rock of Love" recap so I apologize. Here's what happened:

-The date challenge this week was supposed to be a talent show (yikes) so the "ladies" spent their time perfecting their, um, skills? When they got to the challenge, they found out that it was a peep show! Most of them freaked out except for Angelique because she's a skank and this is right up her alley. The whole peep show thing was totally retarded and they either did something boring like reading a poem or kung-fu or they just pressed their boobies against the glass. Such class. Ambre (or Hombre, as Jeff calls her), Daisy and Destiney won the challenge and they all went 4-wheeling. What the hell? Is this trailer-park Rock of Love? Daisy is just hard to look at. She is your typical LA chick, too blond, too tan, too skinny but the disturbing thing is that she's had so much work done on her face that her eyes are REALLY far apart. See?

(The picture is from VH1's site for full disclosure) It isn't the best angle but all the other pictures had her naked or something. She is just not pleasant to look at. Look at those lips for chrissakes! Anyway, they had a great time, blah, blah, blah and the other girls were waiting back at the house for Bret in their underwear.

-Inna found out that Sara is there on a dare and spent the whole time scheming to make sure Bret knows this. She tells Aubrey who in turn tells Bret who I guess is pissed. Blah, Blah, Blah, they all get drunk, VIP girls go to bed, Bret's mad and parties with the other girls and then he tells them to tell the VIP girls that they are having an old school dance-off the next day.

- Inna and Angelique organize the dance-off and Daisy, Courtney and someone else won the dance off. Seriously, am I THAT old or is it weird to everyone else that they didn't how to do the worm or the running man? I mean, come on! The winners got VIP passes so they can bust in on any chick having alone time with Bret.

-At the elimination, Bret called Sara out and asked her if she was there on a dare and she said no, that her words were taken out of context. How can you take "I'm here on a dare" out of context? Oh well. She got the boot right away, along with Korie, Nikki and someone else I can't remember. I already erased this episode from my Tivo so I'm going on memory. Everyone is still shocked that Angelique is still there since she looks like she was born a man, but she's a bonafide porn star so OF COURSE she's staying. She's also the first one to whip out the girls in any competition.

Supposedly next week something happens with Kristy Joe, who I think is really pretty but she is a pill and needs to go home. How can she be so disgusted by the skanks on this show when you're right there along with them?? Why is she there? Did she think it's Rock of Love with Michael Buble or something? She and Ambre will probably go next week.

That's it. That's all I can remember. It's probably in the wrong order of events but if that's such a big deal then watch it yourself.

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