Monday, January 14, 2008

In and Out and I don't mean the burger

Okay, it's 9:42 and I'm already home from my first day back at school. My instructor has pneumonia and couldn't make it. I basically went to the studio, picked up my syllabus and left. Thank god I didn't bother to shower this morning or else I'd be pissed. Tomorrow will be different because my new graphic design instructor is some dude that owns a design firm here so he'll probably be way more critical than I'm used to which will suck. I predict tears this semester, people! Anyway, I guess I have an extra day of vacation. Woo hoo!

I've decided to start a weekly chat about VH1's "Rock of Love" since it premiered last night. I watched the first season and if you're unfamiliar, it's a bunch of skankily dressed "ladies" (I use the term loosely) vying for the love and attention of washed-up 80's rocker, Bret Michaels. A rock version of The Bachelor, if you will but with nastier chicks. You can imagine the level of class and dignity that this presents us, the viewer. Well, last season Bret chose cute punk-lite chick Jess over the over-processed and trash-tastic Heather. Heather was TOTALLY in love with him because that's what strippers go for but he went with Jess (don't know why) and it lasted about 6 minutes until she came to her senses and realized she was dating a has-been rock star and dumped him. Or so they say. Anyway, Bret's giving it another chance and we were introduced to his bevy of beauties ( I also use that term loosely) last night. They were your typical trashy stripper-types with a few loose canon's thrown in for good measure. One girl spent the entire time boozing it up and ended up passing out before she even met Bret. Needless to say, she went home. Most of the girls he picked were REALLY plastic looking and icky but a few were pretty and seemed relatively normal so of course they'll be gone soon. One girl had so much plastic surgery that she looked like a wax statue of a deer head attached to a hooker's body and it was making me want to barf. I don't get all the face-lifting and botoxing and lip-plumping and all that crap. Work with what 'cha got, I say. Most women look better before they start messing with all that crap. I don't know one single guy who likes that look and I am convinced that men who DO like it are cheese-asses anyway. To each his own I suppose. There were two ladies that were of the more mature variety and he chose them both so I gotta give him props for that. One lady was 45 and looked like she'd been around the block a few times but in a classy kinda way. Over all I think this is going to be a really good season based on the previews. I'll do a recap on Mondays and I'll try to find some pictures of these ladies so you can get the full experience.

Happy Monday y'all.


LM said...

Look at it this way. That new professor you're going to have might be more strict about your work, but you'll probably learn a lot from him. That's a good thing. The hardest professors are always the ones you learn the most from.

Gwen said...

It took me about half the show to realize just how the heck I knew Megan . . . she was on Beuaty and The Geek!

And she WON!!!

Gwen said...

Sorry - "Beauty "

Gwen said...

Sorry I keep coming back, but I had to make sure you saw this in case you didn't read the whole interview about the win:

"What are your plans for the future?

Megan: Retiring.

Scooter: I just moved to LA and I’m going to pursue an acting career. I have a pretty extensive theater background and I’d like to translate that.

Megan: I’m gonna train myself to rotate evenly while I’m tanning."