Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'll have to learn to sign swear words

HELLO??!!! HELLOOOOO??! I'm still muffled. It went away yesterday and everything was fine until last night when it just came back. Seriously, it just came back all of a sudden for no reason while I was eating dinner. One minute, hearing fine, next minute, cotton balls shoved into my ear canal. My right ear is worse today so clearly the earwigs are on the move. I'm hoping that it'll cure itself again today so we'll see. Jeff's leaving to go skiing so I hope I don't go totally deaf before he gets back. Last time be brought back a broken shoulder as a souvenir. I hope he just brings a t-shirt this time.

This also means that I have only 3 days left of my winter break and next week I start back to school. I should be excited because I'm just 16 weeks away from my degree but I'm kinda just "meh" about it. I MIGHT want to be a cake decorator more than I want to be a graphic designer but I suppose I'll just have to take whatever I can get when the time comes, right? I think I'd rather just win the publisher's clearinghouse sweepstakes and get $5k/week for life. That would be SWEET! I could open a little cake shop and not care if I didn't make a dime (which sadly is how most of my business ventures turn out minus the $5k/week for life) and just be a happy little baker but NOOOOOOO, I have to go get a REAL job because of stupid things like bills. Maybe I will open a cake shop and make MILLIONS!!!! Yeah, probably not. Anyways, I'm going to enjoy my last 3 days of freedom by re-upholstering some stools because that's how I roll.

Happy Wednesday.

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Gwen said...

I'm pretty sure you already know how to use your middle finger.