Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It feels like Monday, right?

Happy New Year! Well, it's really happy January 2nd, but who's counting. I was going to post yesterday but I was way too busy holding the couch down to type. It's so weird when we start a new year and we make all kinds of promises and resolutions and vow to be better. It's like a reset button or something but I think that's a good thing in the grand scheme of things. I feel like I can accomplish more with a clean slate than I can when I'm dragging around loads of guilt and failed attempts at what have you. I hope I can stick to my resolutions longer than a week but we'll have to see. I'm trying to channel my inner Oprah and be positive about 2008 but my inner Oprah is annoying and tells me things I don't want to know like how exercise is GOOD for you so I might just continue to be cynical. Hey, it works.

On another note, we had a major highway shutdown happen today (in case you stumbled upon this blog from somewhere else) and while it's clearly a huge pain in the nuts, do I need to sit through 3 HOURS of highway shutdown news coverage?? I mean really? REALLY? They had reporters stationed all over the place today and there was NO TRAFFIC. It's a freaking holiday week, people! Show us the extended coverage on Monday when everything goes back to normal and that's when we'll see the log jam! The shutdown begins about 3 miles from my house and extends 5 miles west through the middle of the city and county. You would think, thanks to the EXTENSIVE news coverage, that every road in St. Louis was shut down and you'd better just go ahead and quit your job now because there's now way you'll be able to get to work! Jeepers. Thankfully neither of us have to take the highway to work or school, so suck it closure.


LM said...

3 hours of worthless news coverage is better than gridlock in the streets NYC-style. That's how I look at it. Although, we all know this is a fluke. I'm sure there will be days when it takes me over 30 mins. to drive my 4.5 miles to or from work.

amy & jeff said...

I would have no problem had ther actually BEEN gridlock but 3 hrs of non-coverage is redick!

Gwen said...

I agree that there is no way to tell yet what is going to happen. Too many people are off today again and schools aren't in session. It make take a week or two to know for sure how bad it's going to be.

That said, alarmism is good journalism. Right?