Monday, February 18, 2008

Yeah, you're in the right place.

Woah! I know, I know. Don't be alarmed. This IS Kimchi Central. I got kinda tired of looking at the same blog day in and day out so I decided to make some changes. I'm in a reversed-out-type phase right now and wanted to bring it to my blog world. I hope you all like it. It's more dramatic, isn't it? Fitting. I also like the little color dots. Very poppy. Enough chitchat......

This was a weird weekend. We went to my friend Phil's wake and funeral. Unfortunately, I've been to many funerals in the last 10 years or and it's always the younger person's that really breaks my heart. I've also noticed that the younger the person who died, the larger the crowd that comes to pay their respects and Phil's was no different. It was JAMMED! I'm really glad to see that because it just shows how many people he touched in his life but it was super sad and just seeing his wife Sarah standing up there by him was gutting. The funeral itself was lovely and full of tears and laughter, thanks to an awesome priest. He was appropriately funny and sad and I can totally see why you would want to go listen to his mass. The eulogies were also very sad but peppered with funny stories about Phil, including one from his son about Phil's intense desire to own a boat. I learned a lot about him this weekend and I think that his last gift to us all was the reconnecting that so many people did. I saw people that I hadn't seen in ages and a few in particular that I hope to really stay in touch with (I'm talkin to you Chrissy). I hope that he is in a happy place now and I hope his family can start to put the pieces back together.

I'd also like to send a big shout out to the dead presidents that gave me the day off. I spent the majority of my free time doing homework over the weekend and sadly, today is no different aside from the fact that I got to sleep in, which is a fantastic thing. I'm feeling pretty prepared for my portfolio review this weekend. I only have one project left to tweak and then I'm meeting with Evann this week to make sure it all looks good. I say I'm prepared but I'm also scared out of my mind and I hope I can refrain from making in ass of myself. I also have regular homework that I haven't even touched yet, so really my day off isn't a day off. wah-wah for me. Okay, enough whining and procrastinating. I have to get to work.

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