Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That house is crawling with VD.

We had a slight Tivo malfunction and Rock of Love was not recorded on Sunday. We had to wait until last night to watch, so my recap is late. I'm sorry but if you're watching this show too, your standards are obviously pretty low and you shouldn't care. Onward....

This whole episode should have been named "Crazy Whores Going Loco Over Washed Up Rocker" because that's all it was. The challenge involved building a custom bike but that whole thing was boring and Inna, the gigantic amazon woman won a solo date. yawn. They went on a ride and had lunch in some strip mall and blah blah blah. That part sucked. HOWEVER, the real drama was going on in the house. Aubrey was all mad that Bret shunned her by not sticking his tongue down her throat, so she went to him and complained about it like an old haggy wife. She seemed nice and all but JEEPERS! Not only did Aubrey have a mental breakdown, but Kristy Jo also decided that she was going to tap into the 'crazy lady" area of her brain and cry to Bret about her baggage at home. And she ain't talking about her luggage, people. She is still legally married to someone she met like 7 minutes after she left her FIRST husband AND she has a kid by one of them. She's afraid that Bret won't want to deal with all this crap. Um hello, NO GUY would want to deal with this crap, especially one that has his pick of all the finest skanks in LA. Needless to say there was a lot of crying and by the elimination round, Kristy Jo was a blubbering mess. First she wants to leave, then she wants to stay and then she doesn't know what she wants. Ugh. During the elimination, while KJ was having a mini-meltdown, Aubrey thinks she's staying and KJ's going home and just can't see her "best friend" so upset so she decided to dramatically sacrifice herself and walk away. The best part is that they had done a 50's style pin-up photo shoot earlier so she had this weird hair and 50 lbs. of makeup on and she looked ridiculous. She was all crying and acting like she "gave" Kristy Jo her spot and it was just embarrassing to watch. The best part was when she left the house and Bret held up the final pass he was holding and it had KJ's name on it!!! That means that Aubrey was going anyway and her little performance was for NOTHING! I'm sure Bret wanted to tell her this but he was being nice and letting her have her say. I swear, these women just typify the stereotype that women are blubbering emotional messes considering they are THIS emotional about someone they've known for 5 DAYS!

I can't wait for next week.


LM said...

As you know, since I still live in the 70's and don't have cable I can't watch. But your recaps are priceless anyway. I know the material is probably some easier material to work with, but what hilarious anecdotes. Well done.

Gwen said...

My Tivo didn't catch it Sunday either. I think something was messed up on VH1. They were all acting crazy on this one. I thought of something really witty to post here last night while I was watching it, but now I can't remember. I should've written it down like I thought about. Dang!