Friday, February 8, 2008

Lost Recap

Okay Lost fans, we have only 6 episodes left and once again, we were left with more questions than answers. Why am I surprised? Lost is like a bad boyfriend, all selfish and smug but just intriguing enough to keep you coming back for more. Ahhh....why can't I quit you, Lost?

Anyway, here's the rundown:

- Well, they found the wreckage of the plane somewhere in the Java Trench near the coast of Indonesia. That's interesing since that same plane is actually on an island. Clearly, we now have the airline itself involved in this whole thing but why? What do they have to do with it? Are they related to Dharma somehow and does this confirm the theory that they were all put on that exact plane for an exact purpose and why does that airline man scare the crap out of me?

-Who the HOLY HELL are these people and what do they want with Ben? We have a physicist, an archeologist, a ghost hunter and a drunk pilot. That sounds like the start of a joke. We know that the archeologist found a polar bear skeleton with a Dharma collar and seemed to know what it was and the physicist was crying over the wreckage footage for no apparent reason. Those things are both very weird. The ghostbuster seems like a loose cannon and that picture he showed Jack of Ben was obviously taken off the island when Ben was an adult and possibly working in some office or something, so WHAT THE HELL? Again, this all points me to the theory that there is time travel involved. Maybe they were all supposed to be on the plane but Ben somehow intervened and sent someone else in their place? But how? And why do they seem to hate Ben so much?

-Hurley is acquiring some sort of power. When he mentioned the "cabin" being the other way, Locke and Ben both shot the other a look of "OMG! Did you hear that? HE KNOWS." The only people that can see the cabin are somehow tied to the island. This is going to become very important I suspect.

-Go Sayid and Juliette! That was awesome when Jack told them they were surrounded and Miles was all cocky and all "What am I, stupid?"then POW, they shot at them. Sweet! The biggest mystery to me about these new people, aside from the above mentioned things, is that they really didn't seem surprised to see the survivors. Even when asked, they seemed nonchalant. Why? The airline man told Naomi that there were no survivors so they should have been at least a teeny bit shocked, no? That is weird.

- Where was Desmond? He is too hot to not be in every episode, brotha.

- Is the island haunted? Is that why they sent a ghostbuster in? Are they hoping he can communicate with Jacob, perhaps?

- Where is Richard and the rest of Ben's group? We haven't seen them in a loooong time and with as much tramping around the island that they've done along with helicopters landing and parachuters flying down, you would think they would have run in to each other at some point. Did I forget something from last season? Didn't Ben and Alex leave them behind to go stop the others from leaving? That means that there still on the island somewhere, right? Something's not right with that.

-According to the show, the polar bear was found in Tunisia, which is in Africa, but the wreckage was found in the Java (Sunda) Trench, which is off the coast of Indonesia. Those places are not near each other. Does that mean that either of those places are where the island is or are we being misled?

I decided to nerd out last week and went online to play the new Lost game/story at It's actually kinda interesting and there are all these scenes that tie into the regular plot. In a nutshell, there is a guy named Sam that is looking for 815 because his girlfriend was one of the flight attendants. Sam has been collecting info and getting weird clues that land him on the Christiane I, a freighter ship, in the Sunda trench. The whole beginning of the show with the underwater rover camera finding the plane ties directly back to the game. Well, when I played it last week, Sam was still on the freighter and they were still looking for the wreckage. However, there was a man on the freighter, I think it might have been the guy running it, that seemed awfully suspect and Sam sensed it as well. Interestingly, last night they mentioned that same freighter as the one waiting for them and the same one Ben said he has a mole on. I assume the mole is the same suspicious man. If that's the case, I hope they bring the online cast and the show cast together because the guy playing Sam is SUPER HOT. He is seriously very hot. Hotter than Jack or Sawyer. Yeah, I said it. And he's Australian. Double hot. Anyway, if I find time today, I might hop online and play some more. I'll post any clues I find.

That's it. I'm off to school.

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Gwen said...

Sorry it took me so long to comment on this one. I had much TV catching up to do and finally watched it yesterday. What an episode! I actually screamed profanities at my TV when it was over. IT WAS NOT ENOUGH! I love your Recap - it cements events and people in my mind.

BTW, I agree with all your "HOTT" call-outs but you need to add Sayed. YUM.