Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm wearing a coat in protest

Jesus H Christ. Friday I was off school because of a snowstorm and today it's 65 degrees. Oh sweet mother weather, why can't you make up your mind? We had a very small superbowl party yesterday and I was using a large snowdrift on the deck as a fridge for my beer and this morning they were all laying on their sides on the bare wood. What? I also had to deal with frizzy hair today, which is a plague on my existence during the entire summer so I relish not having it in FEBRUARY but yet I had it in February and now my hair is confused. This can't be good for me. My hair's been angry before and it frightens people. BE WARNED.

As I mentioned, we had a very small superbowl party. It was less a "party" and more like us and my friends LM and Gwen, in sweatpants, on the couch eating. We are not what you would call "wild and crazy" these days. I don't know when that happened but it did. Anyway, I usually don't really watch the game because I usually don't know or care who's playing, but CRIKEY, that was an exciting game! I was rooting for the Giants because I think that Tom Brady is a douchebag and because they might have cheated on us in the Superbowl and I don't like cheaters. Unless it's the show "Cheaters" because that is TV GOLD! When Jeff and I first started dating, like the third date, we went to my friend Thom's annual superbowl party. Well, it was Thom's parent's party and we just showed up and ate the food but whatever, it was great. Well, Jeff and I were secretly dating (I'll explain this at another time; just know it happened) and all of our friends were going to be there but no one knew of our secret mexican telenova-style forbidden romance. My friend Liz knew but no one else. Okay, so we were trying to be all sly and sneaky and when the Rams won it was REALLY exciting and everyone jumped up and screamed at the same time but we forgot we were being secret and we started hugging and stuff and later my friend K told me that she suspected something was up since I didn't try and make out with any of our other friends. True story.


Gwen said...

I'm so disappointed that you didn't try to make out with me last night. I call a do-over!

amy & jeff said...

OMG! You were there and you were BLONDE!

johnny_VIRUS said...

Here's the plan, Amy! Next time winter decides to drop the cold white stuff on us, I am bringing a cooler up to school and filling it with Bud Light and snow. And crab dip.

Also, you might want to check out because you can host websites on there for free. Check my link in my latest blog!

Gwen said...

I WAS THERE! I totally forgot. That was the one where Tom chased me around the house until he tackled me, took off my socks and sucked on my big toe. In front of his mom. I was grossed out AND mortified.

And I was blonde.