Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lost Recap

All I got to say is I freaking called it. Time jumping, people. I called it weeks ago. This episode was AWESOME! Let's look back...............

- Thank you Lost Gods, for not killing my Desmond. Thanks to a Tivo malfunction, I missed the first 2 minutes but I came to see he had some kind of mid-air memory loss freak-out. I DON'T KNOW YOU, BROTHA! Okay, so let's see, Dezzie got blown up some by the hatch explosion and started seeing visions of the future and now he can jump through time. Sweet. Was he really jumping when he saw those visions or were they just visions? Does that mean that Hurley and Locke and Walt are also able to time jump? Methinks yes. That's how Walt can be on the island when he really isn't or why the cabin is sometimes there and sometimes not. They must be jumping somehow but they don't seem to suffer the same effects. Maybe it's because they all had their constant already. But who and what? Since they were all there when the button was stopped and the sky went purple, are they all full enough of radiation now to start having "experiences?" Who left the 3-toed statue? Is the island full of random things from random times because it makes you bop around? Polar bear carcass found on an archaeological dig in the present time and yet we just saw that polar bear alive on the island less than 6 months prior? Maybe the polar bear was like a giant Eloise and it died on that side of time.

-There really is a freighter and there really is an "off the island". And how about Sayid going all MacGuyver and jacking up that phone. He's really handy. BUT..who are they working for? Penelope's father? Hanso? How did Penelope know about the island? She only spoke to Charlie for a second before he was sucked to bits. Did she trace the call?

- That auction was VERY interesting, no? The Black Rock log being auctioned off by Hanso and Penny's father buying it? Are we going to finally get an explanation as to how that thing got in the middle of the island. Are we going to ever find out what Hanso is REALLY about and what the real deal is with the Dharma project? They kinda abandoned all that stuff but we still don't know anything major about what they were there to do.

My theory is that Ben can do this time jumping quite well and that's why he is so sought after. Ben must hold whatever powers these are and all these men are trying to get him and his secrets. This is all getting really massive and wacky and I hope that the producers don't' screw it up. I should be glad we got to see all this stuff because it rocked, but it also, as per usual, posed WAY more questions than it answered. Well played, Lost. I'm confused and my mind hurts.


Gwen said...

I was loving on you big time last night, Amy! I was skeptical of your time travel theory. I shall never doubt you again, Master.

I didn't catch the Hanso stuff at the auction - good eye. Remind me who Hanso is . . . ?

I wonder whose book that is at the end? The one Daniel had open and it read, "No matter what happens, Desmond Hume is my constant." Is it Penny's? Ben's?

What an AWESOME episode. How many do we have left before the finale?

amy & jeff said...

Alvar Hanso started the Dharma Iniative way back when. Ben and his people overthrew them and took over the project. The book was Daniel's and what I took from that was that perhaps he was ALSO in the midst of time jumping and Desmond helped him as he helped Desmond, but I'm not sure how yet. I'm so glad he spoke to Penny. I want them to run off and live happily ever after.

I'm not sure how many episodes are left because of the strike. I don't think many. On a fun side note, they are going to still be filming in Hawaii in May when we are there and on the same island to boot! Thanks writer's strike! Had that not happened, they would have been done. I want some celeb sightings dammit!

LM said...

Whoa. Good episode, despite me leaping off my couch at 3 different breaks screaming aloud "This show is freakin' crazy!". Crazy show for crazy people. Did anyone else think "Back to the future" when Prof. Daniel was working that time travel stuff on Eloise? Does Daniel remind anyone else of Neil Patrick Harris? Desmond was/is a good lookin' soldier. I'm already having trouble keeping up w/this time travel stuff. It's confusing.