Monday, February 11, 2008


This is my horoscope for today:

You are following a particular plan for a very specific reason. You may not yet be getting much by way of a result, but that doesn't mean you are making a mistake. Good things take time. Very good things take an awful lot of time. When you are standing on top of a mountain, it is easy to plot a route through the valley ahead. When you are down in those dales, it is hard to remember quite how far you could once see. Yet you are nearer now to your destination than you were before.

Good golly, this could apply to SO MUCH of my situation right now. Words to live by, people.


Gwen said...

Very prophetic. Where did you find this? It reads like it was written by some old sage who knows a thing or two about life.

amy & jeff said...

This wise old sage is a wonderful gay man from the UK called Jonathan Cainer. He is always right. I swear.

LM said...

As soon as I read that, I knew it was a Cainer-scope. God love him, he freakin' always finds the good in the bad. I hope it comes true. I think it will. You are good at what you do and it will all come to fruition. Patience, baby. That's your life challenge.