Monday, February 18, 2008


Holy baloney, I'm freaking out. I just spoke to our social worker and we are official. We have our first home study visit on March 8! I called Jeff to tell him and we are both excited and about to crap our pants at the same time. After this initial visit, we have one more interview each and then the paperwork will be sent off and we'll be waiting for our picture!!!!!! I've been pretty calm about this whole home study business up to this point but I'm not calm anymore. I am freaking out and now I'm looking around here and realizing that we have A LOT to do in the next three weeks. A lot. I have a whole basement that needs to be cleaned out and a toilet in my backyard. No, I take that back. I have THREE toilets in my backyard. Don't ask.

oh my lord. it's totally happening!


Jeff of Jeff and Amy fame said...

I thought that there were only 2 in the back yard? and no they do not work, but one is being used as a planter!

jan the mom said...

I think toilets in the yard are fashionable. I am so excited to be a gramma - get my bed ready!!!!