Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy not THAT VD.

Happy Valentine's Day my darling readers. I hope each of you feel the love today. Even if it's from yourself. wink, wink. I keed, I keed. No seriously, happy v-day.

I had a portfolio meeting today and I'm starting to get REALLY nervous about graduating. We were shown examples of resumes and HOLY LORD, they were intimidating. I forgot that in this field, you don't follow the same old resume standards. You have to WOW them! What if they say "WOW, that's crap." Then what? I wowed them. All it means is that I now have yet one more thing that I have to add to the list of "Things I need to do but since my brain has stopped working, I haven't done yet", which is a really long list. She also talked to us about going to this graphic design conference at Maryville University where they are offering a portfolio review session. She mentioned it in our first meeting but no one seemed interested in going so I figured I'd blow it off, but she brought it up again today and seemed peeved that nobody is taking it seriously enough to go. So I felt the Catholic guilt rise up, of course, and next thing I knew I was registered. That means that in one week I have to compile enough stuff to take with me so I seem professional enough to be hired. I'm actually kind of glad I'm going and I'm going to fly my nerd flag high. In general this stuff usually freaks me out because I don't want to be laughed out of the place but I'm doing it anyway. Screw you laugher outers! I checked the participants list and many of the students that are registered are from Maryville or Wash U. so I'm sure my community college work will be just fine. No pressure at all. Oh, and that sound you hear? No, it's not the wind, it's all my free time blowing out the window.

I also had another interesting experience on campus today. The school is always having some kind of event going on where they give out free food so we usually try to take advantage. Today was a Valentine's Day party in the student center, which I did not know existed until we went there. My campus is very diverse, which is one of the reasons I like going there, and I am friends with people of different races, nationalities and backgrounds. Well, when we walked into the student center today it was set up like an urban nightclub with pool tables and a DJ playing the rap music and people dancing and stuff, which was all really cool. I was with a group of about 6 people, 2 of which were black and the rest of us were white. When we walked in, I totally felt like one of those movies where the white guy walks into the club and the record scratches and the music stops and everyone stares at the white guy. I was that white guy today. We walked in and I swear that everyone looked at us like "what the hell are you doing here?" It was really kind of funny and weird. I wonder if anyone else felt that way? I would have stayed longer to watch them dance, but I just felt uncomfortable. Maybe it's just me.

Anyhoo, I'm off to do homework. We're making a fancy dinner tonight and watching movies so I have to make sure I'm done for the day soon. Adios.


johnny_VIRUS said...

I wear this STL hat to school because I am the hood Bill Gates and it avoids all record-scratching at the Forest Park rap shindigs. You should consider getting one too so you can be the hood Rachel Ray.

jan the mom said...

Happy Valentine's Day Amy. I love you. I could come over to dinner if you like. Just kidding.

Gwen said...

You guys have fun! XOXOX

LM said...

I'm dating myself here, but I had moments like that when I went to FoPo in 1988. I've been That White Person. Some things never change. Oh shit that was 20 years ago. I just did the math. Yikes.