Thursday, February 7, 2008

Life IS a cabaret.

Sweet jumpin' Jesus. I swear that someone is speeding up time and making me stressed out. It's already Thursday but my brain thinks it's still Tuesday. I like being busy but holy lord, not this busy and I realized today that I am falling a bit behind in my projects, all 5 of them. I'm usually able to keep it just above the line but this semester is wacko. We have a new graphic design teacher and he's really cool and it's great to have another perspective on your work, especially someone who runs his own firm, however, he is not yet wise to the ways of community college, where our motto many times is, "Eh, that's good enough." I don't mean our work, which is totally awesome, I mean the fact that whenever we are trying to print out a project, it always goes wrong for someone. Today that was me. I have been working for weeks on this theater poster:

Long story short, the printer kept printing it with these lines running through it and it took a long while to figure out the problem. These posters are large and it takes 10 minutes to print one, so my little "issue" set the bulk of the class back since I had to print 4 until we got one that I could mount. You're welcome, class. The bigger problem here is that I'm worried we are going to spend too much time messing with this kind of crap and not enough time actually working so it'll be a mad dash at the end AND I have yet another class adding on after spring break. People, get it together. I was hoping to have some extra time to experiment with some cake designs, but I just can't seem to get to it. I wanted to make 2 cakes next month for some birthdays so I might have to just wing it. I'm always winging it. That's my motto, "Just wing it." Here I am, just sitting here winging it. Anyway, I'm effed.

Oh yeah, either I am unable to work my mouse or the spell check is not working here at blogspot, so please avert your eyes from my misspellings.


Gwen said...

Spellcheck hasn't been working for a week or so. It bites.

The poster rocks. Maybe he'll learn as he goes along.

johnny_VIRUS said...

Dude, it was totally not your fault that our fat-ass tech guys are useless and don't do their job to fix a printer that we don't know anything about. We've been trying to get them down in the newspaper to network a printer and install some stuff for SIX months so winging it is nothing new.

We didn't even have time today to show him thumbnails so hopefully he'll be pushing deadlines back.