Thursday, February 21, 2008

ice, ice baby

What a weird day. I woke up and everything is covered in ice. I suppose that watching the news every now and again would help but it's just so depressing. I was hoping campus would be closed but nooooo, it was open, so I trudge through this crap to get there and then they end up closing it anyway. I did spend my time there wisely and was able to print out a bunch of stuff for Saturday. I was STILL having problems with my files since school runs CS2 and I have CS3 at home and I don't understand why they don't upgrade the school's programs so this isn't an issue since they SELL CS3 only. It's a mystery to me. It's a mystery to me in the same way that you have to hit the Fanta button to get a Diet Coke and the Diet Coke button to get a Sprite on the vending machine at school. These things can apparently never be solved. Get me Angela Lansbury on the phone!

I'm off to do homework. Again.

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Gwen said...

Crap. I used the same title today. I added "Vanilla", though. I've been holed up at home and have ZERO intention of getting out.

Good luck on Saturday!