Friday, February 15, 2008

Swirly, round thing

Fridays are my easy day at school. I have one 3.5 hr class and that's it. We've been working on designing a 2009 calendar, which I had intended on working on in class today, but our teacher had different plans for us. He decided to suspend our project to give us one day to submit a design for a program that the St. Louis Public Library is starting. If our design makes it past the other designer's at his firm, they will submit it to the library people and there's a chance they'll pick one of our designs for their logo. That would be SO AWESOME! It is supposed to appeal to 12-17 yr. old kids. I have no idea what 12-17 yr old kids like. I don't even really understand what the hell myspace is so I'm kind of out of my territory on this. I do know they want something fun and colorful, which I covered. I liked the design I came up with in the end and while I don't think it'll win, I still think it's kinda cool. Here is it:

A few other students had some pretty cool ideas as well. Man, sometimes I look at some of the work that comes out of my classes and I'm so impressed. There are a few stinkers (okay, more than a few) but the majority of them really produce some nice work.
Meh, we'll see what happens.

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johnny_VIRUS said...

The stinkers are half of the reason I still pursue a degree in Graphic Design. It helps to have that negative (and ego-boosting) standpoint of "Oh my god, how did you get so far in this field but suck so bad?" I could have done better on some of those show posters with Microsoft Paint.

I'm so glad that we are the talented and chosen stuffed animals in the claw machine of life.