Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Complaint Box

Okay, today I'm a little cranky so I've decided to dub this post "The Complaint Box". I've got a few things to get off my chest and I invite anyone else to leave some on the comments section. Do it. It makes you feeeeeeel better.

-There is a girl in my PR group that "mislead" us about her skill level in graphic design. She told us she knew how to do things like logos and brochures and yet when we actually have to execute these things...well, it just wasn't good. AT ALL. It was bad. I said it. Now, I'm not complaining about her skill level, that's just learning and experience. I'm complaining about the fact that she SAID she knew how to do this stuff so I came on to the team thinking I would be mentoring a graphics student, not doing all the graphic design BY MYSELF. I'm not even taking this class for a grade! I'm doing it for "experience" and the $8/hr I get for tuition but I'm not about to quit and leave a bad impression so I'm stuck. AND we have a meeting tomorrow that the other mentor can't make so I'm going to have to helm it by myself. FART.

-Hey folks, there is a blinker on your car for a reason. Lady in the Taurus from earlier today, yeah it's really not cool to drive along and suddenly decide to turn WITHOUT SIGNALING so that we all have to slam on our brakes and almost have a tractor-trailer in our backseat. Kinda scary. I'm 99.9% sure your Taurus came with this option so maybe a refresher from the manual might help. Hey, I know it's a lot of effort to have to actually lift your hand to move the little lever that makes the little arrows go blinky-blinky when you are so focused on the cell phone conversation you are currently having. It's totally fine. From now on I'll just try to anticipate mentally when someone decides to leave the roadway as to avoid them the strain of being a responsible driver.

-Coke vending machine at my school, what the hell is your problem? First you eat my money. You just took it, like a mugging. Then you give me a Sprite when I clearly pressed the Coke Zero button. Coke machine, if I wanted a Sprite, I would have hit the picture of the Sprite, okay? Finally, in a splendid moment of greatness, when you finally saw fit to dispense my Coke Zero, it was hot. Not warm, no it was actually heating up my hand. It's a long walk to the bookstore and you are supposed to make things more convenient for me but right now you are really sucking at your job. Get it together. I predict thirst.

Okay, that's what's pissing me off today. I feel better and if I get pissed off again, I might add more. Please add your own, just don't hurt feelings, kay? I don't want to get my ass kicked.


Liliya said...

You know what pisses me off? Hover people... esp ones that wear accessories that make an insane amount of noise when they make even the slightest move. How was your web design class? You should write about that =)Btw... you get a substitute teach tomorrow :D

Gwen said...

Meetings. I've had meetings out my butt this week. Two of them so far and another tomorrow are to discuss why my numbers are low. Hint? Too many effing meetings using up all my time, dumbholes.