Friday, February 1, 2008

Lost Recap

Okay, I'm going to start a new feature here at Kimchi Central called "Lost Recap." I know, I know, the name is very clever and it took me a few hours to come up with that little gem so don't rip it off! Obviously, this means there will be spoilers so if you didn't watch, don't read this. Just scroll on by. Go ahead. See you later.

Okay? You've been warned.

Holy crapfountain. I was certain that they would hit us with something good and I did think it was a bit weird at first but then it got good. REALLY good. Let's rundown, shall we:

1. As we learned last season, they DO get off the island. However, we only know that Jack, Kate and Hurley get off for sure, so who comprises the rest of the "Oceanic 6"? Where are the rest of them? Are they still on the island? Is that the big "secret" that Hurley might tell? Are they dead? I think this is the absolute giant question right now. What happend to the rest of them. Desmond had a vision last season of Claire and Aaron getting into a helicopter, so can we assume that they are two of the six? That leaves 1 slot open, right? Are Desmond's visions for real?

2. Who does Naomi work for and how did she manage to crawl away, climb a giant tree and attack Kate like a giant monkey with a HATCHET STICKING OUT OF HER GUT? Clearly she and her people are not good but who do they work for since Ben is also afraid of them? Maybe they're part of the original Dharma project.

3. Why did they need to "relocate their signal"? That seems very fishy. Not that we trust them anyway but that had a very ominous feel about it and I think Kate is suspicious.

4. Speaking of Kate, good for her to go off and follow her own instincts. I do think that the Naomi "protecting" them was a farce to try and win her trust, which seemed to work. Also, how does her hair always look so great? I have thuosands of hair products at my disposal and yet she has perfectly managed curls. That is totally not fair. My hair would have morphed into some kind of people-eating bush at this point.

5. So Hurley can see things and then make them disappear. Does that mean they're really there or are they in his head? I don't think it's in his head, I think he can freaking time travel or something. Maybe they all can now. OH SNAP! That cabin freaked me out and the whole Jacob in the rocker is just CREEPY. We'd better get more info on him stat! I was also freaked out by the airline man that went to see Hurely in the nuthouse. "Are you really FINE Hugo?" Yikes!

6. How did Locke just come upon Hurley? That was weird. I know Locke is "special" but how? I'm special too but you don't see me all prophety and self-curing of paralysis and crap.

7. Okay, we see future Jack and he's all freaking out and wasted, which would indicate that his plan was not a good one and yet when we see him with Hurley, he's looking good and Hurley is the one apologizing for going with Locke. So, does that mean that Locke IS right since we see Jack deteoriate later on or is Jack right and we're we seeing the scenes out of order? Time travel is so confusing. Yeah, I said it, TIME TRAVEL, people. This HAS to be about time travel in some way. Also, who did Juliet go with? When the helicopter showed up it was just Kate and Jack. Wouldn't Juliet have goen with them? Did I miss something?

8. How SUPER HOT was Charlie when he came back from the dead? He's no Desmond, but dang, that hobbit went from geek to chic! Too bad he's dead. Or is he? Or maybe they can time travel back to change it? Who needs Hurley's help? Is Charlie real and sending a real message or is Hurley just gone Britney-style?

9. Since Hurley saw Jacob in the chair and Locke saw Jacob in the chair but Ben cannot see Jacob at all, does that mean that whoever can see Jacob is "special"? Is Jacob alive, dead or God? Who's face popped up in the window?

10. Again, who is in the coffin? I'm thinking it's Ben but I have no basis for that other than the fact that no one else came and he would have had no family. I still think that Walt and Michael are going to have to make some sort of appearance and maybe it's one of them. They went out of their way to make it appear "urban". We still have to know if Michael and Walt REALLY left the island and if they did, what have they been doing? How could they just let them leave? I don't think it happened but I do think they'll show up again.

11. (I'm like Spinal Tap so I'm going to 11!) A few extra points. Why did Hurley deny knowing Ana Lucia? He could have just said she didn't survive the crash. Why didn't Desmond speak up and tell them about Charlie and Penny in the water hatch? And oh my god, I totally teared up when Hurley told Claire that Charlie was dead. That was very, very sad.

Thanks Lost, for answering zero questions and asking a gazillion more. Feel free to comment and we can discuss.


LM said...

We'll talk later, but with regards to #7, I don't think we saw the events out of order because when they were playing basketball Jack said to Hurley "I'm thinking about growing a beard". Which, we know he had when he was a wasted, crazy mess.

amy & jeff said...

Good point.

jan the mom said...

I don't watch Lost so I can't comment.

Anonymous said... just did!

Jeff of Jeff and Amy fame said...

I left that comment, sheesh you would think that I would know how to leave a comment on our blog!!