Wednesday, May 28, 2008


ALOHA!!!! I had planned on bogging more during our trip but apparently they don't believe in free wi-fi here and I'm too busy paying $20 for a goddam salad. Seriously. We finally broke down and paid for an hour so here ya go. This trip has been AWESOME with a capital kick-ass and I will give you the full-on recap blog when I get home but I wanted to post a few pics. We leave tomorrow :( but quite frankly I miss my puppies and will kinda glad to be home. We are currently on the Big Island, which is just covered in lava fields and we've had some amazing snorkeling. In fact, we are getting up at 6am tomorrow to go to a local snorkeling spot one more time before we go home. The hotels have been awesome and we spent the entire day today on site. My sister, Jeff and I found our inner 7 year old and spent some time today on the waterslide. WOO HOO!!! Yesterday we did snuba, which is when you dive with a shared tank, and last night we ventured up the volcano to the International Astronomy Center, which was the absolute highlight of the trip for me. It was freezing and the drive there was treacherous but when we got there (9500ft. above sea level), the sun set and we saw more stars than I've ever seen. Nothing I can say will describe how awesome and powerful it was. I literally stood there looking up and cried my eyes out. It was just amazing and I'm an astronomy nerd and it just moved me to pieces. Okay, enough. I need to go change for dinner so here's a few pics to hold you over:
My sister and I at Waimea Falls
Jeff took this after he hiked up some mountain.
I'll post more stuff when we get home. It'll be great.


Gwen said...

Mahalo! Be safe getting home. When can we get together to look at pictures?

johnny_VIRUS said...

How awesome, Amy! You deserve this vacation dude! When you get back, we should hang out. I owe you a beer for helping me so much in class and giving me valuable advice and motivation.

Also, I am switching my major to journalism. How lame of me. But I have a calling in life.

Listen to a lot of Justice and Shiny Toy Guns on your flight home. Not being able to dance in the aisles on a plane makes you sleepy.

Johnnyvirus loves ya!