Thursday, May 8, 2008


So yesterday I was in class and my phone rang and it was my brother in law Jeff. Yes folks, my sister and I both married men named Jeff. We'll refer to him as Brother from here on out because that's what I call him and I don't' want to have to clarify every time I mention him. Anyway, Brother called me from the airport, a place he is so very familiar with because of his job, and this was our conversation:

me: Hello

brother: Hey sister, guess what?

me: What?

brother: I'm at the airport and I just saw a guy I know with his family dressed in tropical clothes and I asked where they were going and he said Hawaii and then I realized we're leaving in 2 WEEKS. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? WE'RE GOING TO HAWAII IN TWO WEEKS! That is so dope.

me: I know, that's awesome!


me: um brother, are you still there?

brother: Yeah. That's all, I just wanted to say that.

me: okay, bye.

God love him. If I were smart enough to figure out how to have one of those countdown clock things on this blog I would have one and then we could all share in my Countdown To Paradise glory. Sadly, I'm not that smart.

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