Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lost Recap

Okay, this might have been one of the best episodes EVER. I meant to post this yesterday but I'm unreliable so you get it today. Not to rub it in or anything, but we're going to the island where they film most of Lost. We MIGHT re-enact some scenes while we're there and if we do, I'll make sure we post some pics because it would be a crime not to and I'm no criminal.
Let's start....

- So, we knew the 6 got off the island but how cool was it when they first saw their families? Imagine thinking someone is dead and then they're not. The only thing that really made me uneasy about the whole thing was that they seemed to really go out of their way to make it all tidy and happy ever after, which we know just doesn't happen. I was glad to see the numbers come back into play during the scene with Cheech and the car. I read several seasons ago that they had not planned on making the numbers turn out to be anything and I hope they've reconsidered because it adds a nice element of creepy fun. I also liked that Hurley's parent's would throw him an island-themed party and I especially liked Sayid remarking on the same thing and Hurley being like "she just doesn't get it, you know." Yes Hurley, we know.

- Jack and Kate go in search of the chopper and come upon Miles, Sawyer and Aaron sans Claire. I liked the googly eyes Sawyer gave Kate when he saw her, although I was never a fan of that pairing. I'm partial to Jack, even though he is a controlling pill-popper and would probably be a nightmare to be with. Well, Kate takes Aaron and Miles back to the beach to get the hell outta there while Jack, Sawyer and their manliness take off in search of Jimmy Buffet. When they get back, they see Sayid has arrives from the freighter and Kate tells him where Jack and Sawyer have gone so she hands of Aaron to Sun and she and Sayid go after them.

-Meanwhile, nerd scientist has been ferrying people to the freighter. I think it's funny that they show them rescuing extras. Hey person with no name and no storyline, you're free! Sun and Jin are on the first run and we see a glimpse of the future. Sun is obviously one of the 6 and Jin is not. We know this. What we find is that Sun has decided to assert herself and buys controlling stock in her nasty father's company, which I am 99% sure is some subsidiary of Widmore Industries, of course. The look on her evil father's face when he realizes that he has to answer to A WOMAN is delicious. I've gotten a bit feminist-like in my old age and this stuff makes me smile. Interestingly, she tells him that two people are responsible for Jin's death and he is one of them for putting them on the flight to begin with. Now, I don't think Jin is dead, but I'm still intrigued as to who the other person is that she refers to. Maybe Charles, maybe Ben, maybe Jacob. Anyway, when they make it to the freighter, they see Michael and are understandably shocked and probably pissed off. We soon find out that the engines are working so the freighter can go to the island to pick them all up but then they see that there is some kind of interference which I guess means they can't stay on the bearing 305 or whatevr. What the hell is transmitting? Is it on the freighter? Could the losties themselves be causing the interference from some kind of island radiation? hmmm.... Oh, we also find out that the thingy that main army dude strapped to his arm last week? Yeah, it's a detonator and the explosives are all neatly stacked around the freighter engine just waiting for him to blow them all to bits.

- Kate and Sayid are making their way through the jungle and they hear a noise, which turns out to be Richard. They threaten to shoot him until they realize that they are surrounded by his people. So, where have they been all this time? Do they know what's happening? Are they really operating independently of Ben? Are they going to help?

- Jack and Sawyer find Jimmy Buffet handcuffed to the chopper and help to free him. He tells them that the army dudes have gone off to "the greenhouse" to find Ben and Sawyer asks what will happen to the people with him and he basically says they're dead meat. Sawyer finds his feelings and tells them that Hurley is with them and so off they go to try and save him.

-Meanwhile, Ben, John and Hurley are heading to the Orchid. Ben signals to someone (Jacob? Richard?) high in the mountains and they take off. When they get there, the army dudes are already there and Ben decides to make a bold move. He knows that they have to move the island but you have to do that somewhere inside the Orchid, which is surrounded. Ben instructs John to go in through the side door while he distracts them. He hands John the thingy that he has had in every episode that shows him time-jump. I said before that that thing is VERY IMPORTANT and this confirms it. They need that thing to do whatever they need to do. Maybe that's what you need to actually see or talk to Jacob. Anyway, Ben comes out of hiding and walks right up to the Orchid and gives himself up to the army dude, who in turn knocks him out cold.

- We got some Jack flash-forwards and this time he's speaking at his dad's funeral. After, a woman comes up to him and tells him that she is the reason his dad was in Sydney because she had a child with him and then she tells him about how her daughter was on the same flight and her name was Claire, which TOTALLY freaks him out and us since we still don't know what happened to her and I assume he cannot tell her that he knew Claire and obviously she can't know that Aaron is her grandson and not Kate's son and Jack could do nothing but explode inside. On a related note, my sister just re-watched the episode from season one when Claire is remembering her kidnapping by Ethan and in a scene in the medical hatch, we see a shadowy figure through the window and upon further inspection and a pause on the HD, IT IS CHRISTIAN. This was way back when so obviously he plays a MUCH larger role in all this than we have been led to think or have even noticed. I believe that over the next season we will start to get the missing pieces that connect Christian Shepard to Dharma, Widmore, Ben and the whole freaky thing.

Wow. So the finale will have to show them up to the point they are on the cargo plane going home, right? Will we get to see them "move the island?" Is the moving of the island the reason that Jack can never go back and find it? Remember in the scene with Kate at the airport when he says that he gets on a flight every week hoping it crashes again? Do they have to make a choice to go or stay and then once they leave, there's no finding them again? AAARRRRGGGHH.
Answers, Lost people, PLEASE give us something to gnaw on until January, mmkay?

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I thought it was a great episode too! I can't wait for the next one.