Friday, May 9, 2008

The End

So I'm done. Finished. I turned in my final assignment and that's it, folks. I am not a student anymore, which I have officially indicated if you look to your left. All that's left is the graduation ceremony in a week. My teacher today is one of the people I'll be working with at my internship and he was acting very oddly. Hmmm. I mentioned that I would see him in a couple weeks and he just smiled oddly and said "a couple weeks, huh?" and then told me to have fun in Hawaii. Now, as most anyone that knows me will tell you, along with many of my other annoying quirks, I tend to over think stuff and read into things that perhaps mean nothing more than their surface appearance. That being said, I'm going to try to not figure out whether he really was acting strangely and just get on with business as usual. I'm hoping to start my internship the first week of June and will spend the next week trying to find freelance work (shameless plug here) so if anyone needs anything graphically or cake-like, I'm here for you.

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LM said...

Congrats on being done. What a relief!