Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random Stuff

So I didn't really mention this earlier, but I had a job interview on Monday. It is for a company that designs mylar balloons and, as I learned in the interview, plush animals and gift boxes. The lady I interviewed with is one of my old Creative.comm clients from school. It's by no means a sure thing as they are still unsure as to what direction they want to go in regards to a new hire, but I figured the interview experience would be valuable since I realized that I really haven't been on that many job interviews. And by that many, I mean 4. Overall it was a totally different experience than my internship interview. She didn't rip into my stuff the way they did and the few negative things she had to say weren't earth shattering and there wasn't anyone being rude like I experienced before. If it does pan out, it probably isn't something that will happen until later in the summer, which actually works out better for me. She also mentioned that they sometimes hire freelance for specific projects and I made it known that I would definitely be on board for something like that. I hope to hear back either way after we get back from our trip, which is drawing closer and closer. My sister is starting to panic about the flight, which is not unexpected, she is a terrible flyer, but I explained that the odds of us ALL being in a plane crash are way low and that is we crashed Lost-style, at least we'd be together to form an alliance. None of this made her feel better and I don't know why. Maybe a valium will. Or three.

Anyhoo, speaking of Lost, we decided to watch the pilot episode over the weekend. I have to confess that even though I am obsessed with Lost, I had never seen the first episode. Well, watching it now was VERY interesting and we noticed a few things. First off, when Jack runs out of the jungle to the wreckage at the very beginning, he runs on to a quiet beach with nothing disturbed and then suddenly he turns and the wreckage IS RIGHT THERE. Now I don't know if that was just some kind of new fangled filming technique but it made it seem very suspect. We also noticed that from the very start, Jack and Kate were drawn together. Maybe it was just their way of introducing the characters, but knowing what we know now, it seems like WAY more. We also saw Charlie writing the word "fate" on his knuckles during all the pandemonium, which raised both our eyebrows. We're going to continue to watch the first season, perhaps on the plane ride (they already crashed so it's okay) and then we're going to watch the WHOLE SERIES over and I'm sure we'll see things that now make a lot more sense. I'll try to post any clues we find that may have been overlooked before. Seeing as we have like 2 more episodes and then nothing until January, YOU'RE WELCOME.

On a side note to LM: No, I don't think Claire's dead, nor did I ever. I'm not sure what's going on but I don't think it's that simple. We've seen every person die that has died and for her to simply walk off and be dead just doesn't compute. I think something VERY weird is going on with her but I just don't think it's that. However, I have no idea what the hell's bells is going on so I'm probably wrong.

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