Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No, thank YOU for being a friend

I am currently living a life of leisure until my internship starts in June, so I've decided to use my time wisely and catch up on my TV watching. For instance, this morning, I was treated to a rousing half-hour of The Golden Girls on Lifetime. Ah yes, Lifetime, television for people with low or no entertainment standards. During this episode, Rose began dating a doctor but wouldn't bring him home to meet Blanche and Dorothy. On a side note, Sophia was off visiting her son Phil and attending her grandson's graduation from dog grooming school so we were not treated to her sarcasm quite as much as I would have liked. Well, we found out why Rose was hiding her beau when Blanche took it upon herself to invite him to dinner and we found out he was a MIDGET. Rose thought he wanted to marry her and there was a whole dream sequence with celebrity psychic Jeanne Dixon, who I remember from reading my granny's tabloids when I was young. Not only was the guy a midget (no offence to midgets, it was just the storyline), but he was a Jewish midget, which was the reason he broke up with Rose by the end of the episode since she is not Jewish. In fact, Rose probably never saw a Jewish person during her life in St. Olaf. Anyway, our lesson today was to be mindful of judging those around us because we never know if they in turn are judging us. Okay, it probably wasn't that deep but whatevs. More importantly though, are the outfits. Now I remember watching The Golden Girls in PRIMETIME, along with Empty Nest and yet I don't recall being quite this mesmerized by the attire. In one scene, Dorothy, and can I just say that Bea Arthur is a comedy genius and I totally mean that, was wearing what was basically a button down oxford-style shirt that went all the way down to her ankles. I had hoped it was a nightgown at first but she had on full jewelry. In another scene, her sweater was so long that it looked as though her legs were about 3 feet long and her torso was 6 feet tall. She is a tall woman to begin with and these outfits make her look like one of those stilt people from the circus, but in a more Boca Raton kind of way. These outfits are effing amazing. The sheer number of rayon pantsuits in one room at one time is a staggering treat for the eyes. I fondly remember my own ridiculously big sweater. It was powder blue and came down PAST my knees (I'm short , people) and I got it at Express when it was all neon and loud prints and I wore it until it pilled. That with some stirrup pants and a jaunty scarf and I was ready for anything.

After the Golden Girls, I switched over to WE, which is like Lifetime's slower, younger sister, to partake in an hour of Kate & Allie. I love me some Jane Curtain and Susan Saint James and who doesn't want to spend time with two sassy divorcees and their cute and precocious kids? I also watched this show in primetime, I believe it might have been with Family Ties, and I remember thinking how cool it would have been to live in the house with all of them. That and the awesome feathered hair the daughters wore made me tune in every week. Listening to them squawk about their ex-husbands made me feel right at home. Ah yes, the 80's. Thank you lesser basic cable stations, for bringing me back to my childhood this morning.

I gotta go now, Little House is on.

UPDATE: Well, this is just serendipity. I JUST saw that today is the lovely Bea Arthur's 85th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOROTHY ZBORNAK!


jan the mom said...

At least you are not watching Jerry Springer. Yikes are they freaks. Enjoy your time - you have earned it.

Gwen said...
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Gwen said...

Oh God, Amy, how I wish I had been on that couch with you. Work has been a beast lately and there is no end in sight. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this time off!