Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lost Recap

This is WAY late but I finally watched Lost last night. It's my final week of school and I have been buried in crap so that's my excuse. Let's roll.....

-Yowza. Where do I start? So Jack's a sickey and his appendix is gonna burst and Juliette has to do beachside surgery. She sends Jin, Sun, the scientist and the redhead to the medical station for supplies. When they got there, Sun and Jin had an exchange about the other two in Korean, and I noticed the redhead look at them and I turned to Jeff and said "she understand them. WHY?" Sure enough, Jin confronts her and demands that they take Sun off the island and threatens to break the scientist's fingers one by one if she doesn't. First off, GO JIN! He's such a silent dude and it's nice to see him grow a pair and tell her what's what. Second, I think she understands why Sun needs to leave and knows what will happen if she doesn't and I want to know how she knows this.

-Jack demands he be awake to walk Juliette through the surgery and wants Kate there to hold the mirror. Um, what the HELL you control freak? Hey Lost people, I was eating dinner and did NOT want to see you slice into Jack's abdomen so thanks for that. Kate freaks out and Bernard knocks Jack out when Juliette goes in with the stretcher thing, which thank god he did because I could barely watch at that point. OUCH. All the while, we are treated to a flash-forward and Jack and Kate and Aaron are living together in a nice McMansion like a happy little family until Jack goes to visit Hurely. He is convinced that they are all dead and never got off the island, which is why Jack is happy. He's in heaven and I can only guess that Hurley thinks he is in hell (himself, not Jack). He also told him that Charlie visited and is basically pissed that Jack is raising Aaron, which is kind of weird because Charlie wasn't the father to begin with so what business is it of his. This whole thing, coupled with a ghostly visit from Daddy Shephard drives Jack to drink, propose to Kate and then accuse her of having an affair or lying or something. Essentially, he began to turn into his own father who he hates. That was very interesting to me. Sad and interesting.

-During all this, Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles are trekking through the jungle to to get back to the beach. Miles gets some sort of island-style ESP and finds the bodies of both Rousseau and poor Carl. Sawyer and Claire freak out (naturally) and then we see the Jimmy Buffet pilot and the scary army dudes that shot Alex bust into the jungle. Our guys have to hide while the pilot distracts them away from the area. They trek on and while they're sleeping, Claire wakes up and sees Daddy Shephard in the jungle and goes to him. The next morning Sawyer tries to find her but finds only Aaron and now Claire is gone. GONE.

-Jack makes it through surgery, Juliette lets him know that she knows he loves Kate and not her and blah, blah, blah. I also thought that Rose's comment to Benard that people don't get sick on the island, they get well was something we have all thought but if that were really the case, how would anyone die? How would Ben have had the tumor? What about the mysterious "sickness" that we don't hear about anymore?

-The final part of the flash forward, which I am assuming takes place after the trial but before the funeral with the mystery casket, is drunk Jack confronting Kate about her whereabouts. Kate tells him to trust her and he's drunk like daddy and demands to know. Her answer is that she was "doing something for him." I first thought Ben and then when she said Sawyer, I was FLOORED. Jack went on about how Sawyer chose to stay on the island and how he is the one who saved Kate and that she needs to remember that. WAIT ONE MINUTE PEOPLE. WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE DOING FOR SAWYER AND HOW WOULD HE CONTACT HER FROM THE ISLAND TO DO SO? I theorized earlier that the rest of them (minus the 6) were indeed still on the island, even though we saw Jin's tombstone and that they are all presumed dead. I wonder if they were promised eternal life if they stayed. I've also heard about the whole time-loop theory or whatever and here's my lowbrow take on it. There is a theory called the string theory or something that Einstein came up with and from what I can figure out with my non-science brain is that he theorized that the same "reality" can exist in different forms in different times. I take this to mean that one person can exist on different planes or dimensions or whatever and each of those realities is different than the others but none of them are aware of the others. I could be totally bastardizing this but I watched a PBS show on it and as hard as it is for me to understand, I'm fascinated by it. If this is the case, than perhaps Ben has figured out a way to consciously exist in those different dimensions and control them, thus the time jumping. Maybe he's actually jumping realities and the island has given him this ability.

Good lord. They need to have a waring label on this show that you should have a PhD before you attempt to watch. Thoughts anyone?


LM said...

Oh boy. So much. Is it possible that it's a lie that pregnant people die on the island to get Sun to stay? But even if this were the case, what is their reason for keeping the pregos? With Jack, I feel there is still a big piece of the puzzle missing. There's something major about him we dont know yet. I have no theories as to what, but something, and once we know it, I think all this stuff w/him will come together. Maybe Sawyer didn't communicate w/Kate from the island, perhaps he told her to do something before she left? I doubt they said those who stayed would be granted eternal life, because who really wants that, and especially if that eternal life was going to be on that island? A non-stop lifetime of camping? Now THAT'S hell. I like your ideas related to the string theory. Very interesting, and very possible. Your Jimmy Buffet comment almost made me pee myself.

Allie said...

I saw that PBS special on string theory too. It made my head hurt!

Did Sawyer ask Kate to do something "recently" or maybe as she was leaving the island?

I'm so confused!