Monday, June 2, 2008

Day One

Well hi there. Long time no blog, or as my last post said BOG. Whatever. I had planned on posting about the trip and about the Lost finale but I was so jet lagged over the weekend that I wasn't forming sentences and didn't want to subject any of you to that. On second thought, it might have made more sense the crap I usually post. Anyhoo, I'm off tomorrow and will present a cavalcade of posts. Today was the start of my internship and my first official day as a graphic designer. I wasn't too nervous since I knew the people there but it was still weird since I'm the new person and they're all familiar and have jokes and stuff. It's a pretty loosy-goosy environment, which is nice since my last experience in the big corporate machine did not include the word "fun." In this job, after our meeting, we played Jeopardy for 15 minutes with my boss acting as Alex Trebeck. I did find out that I am going to have to learn a lot of new web-based programs if I want to make something of myself in this business, which I'm not too keen on. I know web stuff is "the future" but I just don't really like it. They are pretty set on shoving it all down my throat anyway. Oh well. Not to seem so nonchalant about it since I'm very fortunate to have this experience, but while we were out of town, I kept thinking abuot how normally I would be dreading going back to work and that this time I didn't really have anything to dread since it's all new. I kept thinking about what job I would want to have that would make me NOT sad to leave a place like Hawaii and to my surprise (not really), I kept coming back to cakes. Jesus, me and these cakes. I can't get it out of my skin, you know? I'm doing some mini-cakes this week to get back in the swing so maybe that's all I need to do to get it out of my system. We'll see.


Gwen said...

Welcome home! I missed you both terribly. When can we get together? I want to see pictures and hear all the stories.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Nice to read you are back and enjoying your new internship. If you plan to move forward with the cake thing I would love to hire you for Tatums cake in December (yes I know it is a long way away).
Last year I had to have my sister bring her cake in from KC because I could not find anyone here to make a large 3 dimentional purple octopus cake. This year she is already talking about a carosel (sp)cake. Leave it to our kid to want some crazy cakes.
As a side note, if the graphic design thing or the cake thing arn't your thing, you are a very entertaining writer. I found your blog through Gwens and it is one of the few I realy enjoy and I don't watch Lost or the Rock of Love, go figure.
Have a great week wit your new job.

Erin Klippi

amy & jeff said...

Thanks Erin!!!! I'd be happy to do a cake for Tatum. I think I have a book with a carousel cake in it as a matter of fact. Leave me your email address and we can discuss.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,
My e-mail is

Like I said it is not till December and she may come up with another crazy idea before then but she always comes up with something fun.