Monday, June 9, 2008

Cake Alert!!!

So I made a birthday cake for my friend Gwen. I went with something really graphic and stark because I have an unnatural obsession with black and white things. I'm really happy with the outcome despite some hiccups along the way.

Tonight I'm working on a cake for a friend who has a friend who just moved into her first place. That sounded complicated. Anyway, my friend Sara asked me to do it but she needed it when I was still going to be in Hawaii so instead of scrapping it, I'm doing it for free and forcing it upon her. Whoopee!


Gwen said...

I big pink puffy heart my cake. I had my first piece last night and it's as delicious as it is beautiful. Thank you, thank you!

amy & jeff said...

awww...I'm so glad you liked it and that you were not poisoned.

Allie said...

That is stunning! Wow!