Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lost Finale Recap

Okay, this Lost recap has been on my mind since I watched it Friday night but with jet-lag, work and parent class, I haven't been able to sit down and type this mutha out. There is so much to get to so I've decided to break it down unto what we know versus what we don't know and what my crackpot theories are on this whole mess. I could recap the two hours like normal but if you are reading this, you probably watched it and if not you don't care anyway and my time is precious. Overall I thought the finale was SUPERB, albeit a bit overreaching in some parts. They tried to cram a lot of stuff in (deaths! rescues! alliances!) in one episode and the whole Sawyer falling from the chopper and swimming to freaking shore like "what's the big deal?" was kind of hard to believe. Oh wait. I find something on Lost hard to believe? I am clearly loco. Ahem....

What we know

- The biggest thing we know is that John Locke is not only the mystery dead person in the coffin, but that at some point he leaves the island and goes by Jeremy Bentham or else has a twin named Jeremy Bentham and he contacted several of the Losties and caused some major problems.

- We know that they need to get back to the island for some reason and they need to go as a group, including dead John Locke.

- We know that there is time travel on the island because of some kind of natural phenomenon.

- We know that Ben is off the island and banished and ends up in Tunisia in a Dharma parka that he put on right before he turned the big wheel.

- It didn't seem as though they moved the island but rather they made the island disappear or something.

-We know that Jin and Michael were in the freighter explosion and believed to be dead.

- We know that they've all been visited by dead people, some of whom are adamant they DO NOT go back ( ie. Claire, who for the record I still don't think is really dead)

- We know that Desmond finally reunites with Penny but we also know that as per the previous episode with Ben and Widmore, she isn't safe and may be used as retribution for Alex's death.

- We know that John Locke contacted Walt and in turn he visits Hurley, who in turn is busted out of the nuthouse by Sayid.

- We know that the Oceanic 6 return to happy lives but that the happiness is short lived.

- We know that Sawyer and Juliette are still on the island and were there when it vanished or moved or whatever the hell happened. I can now assume that whatever task Kate did for him before is what he whispered to her before he took the plunge, not something he contacted her from the island to do.

- We know that Richard and the gang are somewhat blind followers to Ben and will now follow John Locke and tell him their secrets.

- We know that Miles has either more knowledge on what's REALLY going on than he let on or he has acquired some mind powers. We also know that the redhead lady has been on the island before. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

What we don't know

- The biggest thing is WHY do they need to go back and what is it that John Locke does to a) leave his precious island and b) piss off the losties and seemingly ruin their lives.

- Where in the holy hell did that dang island go? WHERE???

- What is the big icy turney wheel thing that made the sky go white and the island go poof.

- Is Claire dead? (see my above commentary)

- What happens to spiral Jack out of control?

- Why is John Locke now Jeremy Bentham? (I did some googling and here's the deal with Jeremy or at least what my pea brain could gather. He was a 17th or 18th century philosopher who was an opposing faction to the teaching of that other philosopher, John Locke. Jeremy believed in the theory of utilitarianism, which in a nutshell means that the ends justifies the means for the greater good of society. He also believed in a paradigm that a society that only includes people with true happiness is a much better and stronger society than one with those who are less than perfectly happy. They also believe that a person who lives a meaningful, yet not totally happy existence would be better off having not lived at all. In addition, they refuse to believe that happiness is measured by the individual and want an across the board measurement, which is impossible. These are pretty harsh beliefs IMO. I will comment more on this in the theory portion of this installment)

- What's the deal with Walt? Why is he suddenly there?

- Who is watching Hurley? Is it someone working for Widmore or Oceanic or Ben or Dharma?

- Why won't Kate go back and Jack will?

- Why is Sun now teaming up with Widmore? Who is the other person she blames for Jin's death? Is it Jack or Ben or Widmore himself and she's just playin' him?

- Are Ben and John brothers?

- Is Christian Shepard really Jacob and if not, who in the GODDAMN hell is he?

- Is anyone who dies on the island REALLY ever dead?

My Official Crackpot Theories and Thoughts

- After reading the bit about Bentham, I definitely think that happiness and the measure of one's happiness will play a major role in this. Perhaps that only those who can achieve true happiness can learn about the powers of the island as to not destroy the natural balance of that society. Maybe Ben realized that if people achieved this level, they would blindly follow him and he took control. They truly believe that the sanctity of the island is far more important than those who reside there, which I also believe is why they are all being brought back. Jack said something terrible happened by their leaving so that would make sense in the belief that his own or their own happiness is not as important as making sure the island stays as it needs to be. Good grief, does this make any sense?

- I am inclined at this point to think that the original Dharma project had the time-travel stuff in addition to the other "silly experiments," but that someone, maybe Ben or Jacob, decided that it needed to stop.

- I think that if and when they go back, they cannot leave again, although this would contradict the fact that redhead lady did just that. Or so we think. I also think that the only way Ben himself can go back is with the losties as a group. Why? Is it his penance and if so, what for really? He was the one who's sole focus was preserving the island so why would it or Jacob or whoever is in charge be pissed at him?

Oh lord. That's all I can sputter out at this point. I'm sure there is more stuff that I forgot to mention but since he was an agonizing 6 month wait until it comes back, I've got plenty of time to theorize.

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