Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday, where have you been?

Pisces, 2/27/09
What will happen if you get what you want this weekend? How will you cope? Can't you set out, instead, to get something that you're not really so bothered about? That way, you can stay cool and calm and you avoid disappointment if, for any reason, your 'ideal' turns out to be less than perfect. Are you sure you want life to have an intense, rough, raw edge? Wouldn't you rather have safety and comfort? You can have more security or more excitement. Both together though, is not really very likely. But then, you know that!

Huh? I swear, my and the horoscope man have had some kind of cosmic falling out. My last few predictions sucked and what kind of crap du jour is this? So I either have to have a boring life or an exciting, yet disappointing one. Gee, that's awesome! Horoscope man, you are a gem.

So, the Great Sleep Experiment of 2009 has hit a rough patch. He is still going down to sleep with no help within 15 minutes, which is super rad, but the last two nights he has been VERY fussy pretty much all night long. He is slightly congested so maybe that has something to do with it, I don't know. Overall I think it's been pretty successful, but I'm hoping we can iron out these little wrinkles over the weekend when Daddy takes over. YES! Mommy gets to sleep finally. Sleeping in his room is not fun. At least before I would only wake up when he fussed loud enough for the monitor to pick up, but when I'm lying 3 feet away, I hear every little thing. EVERY LITTLE THING. Oh well, it will get better. Yeah sure.

We have our second post-placement visit this weekend, which means we are getting closer to finalizing the adoption. We have to give them pictures for the agency and the foster family so I thought I'd put some up so you can see how he's growing. They DO grow like weeds. Big, loud crying weeds.

He's giving you his Blue Steel.

After this picture was taken, the trunk MIGHT have fallen off and we MIGHT have put it back.

Again with the hats, lady? Really?

I'm cute AND avant garde!

He's imagining that's a wedge of cheese. And so am I.

He quits this bitch.

Awwww....daddy and his little man. It warms my heart to see those two together. For reals.

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