Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost Recap

So, this week's recap is gonna be sweet and to the point. My last few were novels and I don't have that kind of time. Let's go to the orchid, shall we?

-So, Charlotte's not deed. I figured. Her brain is just going haywire. No biggie. Locke thinks that if they take the zodiac to the orchid station, they might be able to switch of the time travel. I think it's more to do with him getting off the island because he needs to feel important. Whatever. As we see our island losties get to the boat a few things happen. First, Miles and Juliette also begin to have nosebleeds, which further confirms that Miles was on the island at some point earlier, probably as Candle's son as we have assumed, and since Juliette has been there for a long ass time, it means that exposure to the island or prolonged time travel equals bad brains.

-Next up is our favorite hillbilly, Sawyer. Now ladies, I just can't get on the Sawyer bandwagon. I'm a Jack girl. Something about Sawyer just makes me want to scrub him down with lye and smack him in the face, not bone him. Well, maybe bone him but only after I do the other things and then I would never call him again. Anyway, during one of the flashes, we see a beam of light, which we know is John banging on the hatch, which puts them about two months in the past. Sawyer also sees Kate and Claire while Claire is birthing Aaron. He's a saddy. Sawyer knows John knows when they are and when he asks why he doesn't go tell himself what's going to happen, John says it has to happen for him to be where he is. Good point. This leads me to a couple things. First, now that we know that there has been time travel the whole time, isn't it possible that during earlier parts of the season, we were seeing losties from the future and not the present? Second, if they did encounter themselves, would they really be there or what? Would there be two of them? I've long been intrigued by the fact that in the very first scene of the show, when Jack is laying in the jungle supposedly after the crash, it is totally quiet and there is no sound until he steps on to the beach and then WHAM, a wall of sound. Now, he wasn't far enough in the jungle for it to be THAT quiet so could there have been some kind of time travel witchcraftery going on there? It just came up very abruptly, like the flashes. Anyway.....

-Back in the future, Kate visits Sun, who watches Aaron while Kate goes to talk to the lawyer dude. Sun gets a package with surveillance photos of Ben and Jack, presumably from Widmore, as well as a gun. Yikes. Kate talks to the lawyer and tries to negotiate to find out who is trying to take Aaron but he's not buying it and says he's going to go meet his client. Meanwhile, Sayid is still in the hospital with Jack when an orderly comes in and tries to tranquilize him again but Sayid gives him the SMACKDOWN Iraqi style. They see he has Kate's address in his pocket, Jack goes to meet her to keep her safe but they end up following the lawyer dude to Claire's mom, who they decided knows they're lying and wants her grandson. Turns out she has no idea about Aaron, Jack flips out and realizes they're still in danger so they call Sun and have her bring Aaron to the marina. Kate doesn't know Ben and Sayid will also be there. Along the way we find out that the lawyer dude is working for Ben, not Widmore, and that the whole thing with Kate was just a ruse to get her to go with them. Sneaky. They all meet at the marina, Kate is pissed and we see Sun in the car watching them with Aaron and her gun. Uh oh.

-Back on the island, they find camp but no zodiac. They do however, find a catamaran with a bottle of water in it from A DIFFERENT AIRLINE. WHA? This is interesting. They take the boat to try to get around the island but while they're paddling away, a different boat starts shooting at them and just as they're all about to be swiss cheese, FLASH, and they're now in a downpour. They make land and try to figure out what the hell is going on. They spy some wreckage on the beach with french writing. ROUSSEAU!!! We see her as a young pregnant woman on a life raft with her crew, the ones that die of the "sickness" and as they are trying to get somewhere, they see a body floating on some debris and no, it wasn't the chick from Titanic, it was JIN!!!! They pull him in and when they get back to the beach we see he's alive. HOORAY! When she introduces herself to him, he's all "wha?" and then end scene.

So, what have we learned? The island losties are 16 years in the past now and we will finally get to see what happened to her crew. Maybe. If no flashes happen. Jin is alive so Sun can calm down. They are all ready to go back except for Hurley who is in LA County lockdown. I assume his bust out will happen next week because either next week or the week after will be the return to the island. Prolonged exposure to the island and it's wacky time problems causes your brain to go all wonky and you bleed from your nose. Not good. My sister and I watch this together and call during commercials and then when it's over, we call and go "WHAT THE HELL, DUDE?" and spend the next half hour dissecting things. One point I brought up to her was when they do return to the island, what will the time difference have been for them versus those on the island? The island losties think they left like a day ago but for the land losties, it's been 3 years. Will they be like "hey, whatcha been up to for 3 years?" and they'll be all "WHAT? You just left yesterday!" and then freak out when they realize that time has virtually stopped on the island. IS THAT THE KEY TO THIS MESS?

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Another brilliant wrap-up. I have nothing to add this week.